4 Beauty Benefits of CBD Oil You’ll Be Amazed By!

cannabidiol and skincare

Odds are you’ve heard all about the medicinal benefits of CBD oil, the non-psychoactive component found naturally in cannabis. We know that CBD oil (cannabidiol) is great for pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and even treating cancer. We’re now finding that CBD oil may have endless other benefits aside from medicinal ones. It turns out, CBD oil has a ton of beauty benefits! More and more people are realizing that CBD oil can totally transform their beauty routine and lead to the gorgeous appearance they’ve been striving for. In fact, Kim Kardashian recently threw a CBD oil themed baby shower because she believes so strongly in its beauty and health benefits! If you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon, check out four beauty benefits of CBD oil below:

1. It Can Prevent Acne Breakouts

Research has shown that CBD oil can actually decrease the production of sebum, preventing it from building up in your pores and causing acne breakouts. For this reason, many skincare companies have started working CBD oil into the formulas for their acne face washes. Another clear complexion benefit that CBD offers is reducing inflammation, which can help temper the redness of acne blemishes and irritation. A third benefit? CBD oil can moisturize dry skin, which can also help you have a smooth, clear complexion.

cbd beauty benefits

2. It Encourages Nail Growth

Are you taking those beauty vitamins that promise to make your nails grow in no time? Are you slathering some weird chemical-laden product on your nails that claims to make them grow overnight? It turns out, CBD oil may be a better way to not only make your nails grow fast, but to also improve their strength. CBD can help brittle, fragile nails to be smoother and stronger, as well as make them grow at rapid speed!

cannabis and nail growth

3. It Reverses the Signs Of Aging In Skin

Wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, sagging skin, and dark age spots plague millions of people all over the world. It’s totally natural for skin to change as we get older, but most of us just don’t like the way aging skin looks. That’s why we invest so much money in pricey anti-aging creams and Botox injections. However, it looks like there may be a better solution! Recent studies have shown that CBD oil is rich in vitamins A,C, and E. These vitamins boost collagen production, which helps keep your skin firm and tight. CBD oil can also support healthy skin cell production, helping your skin to look fresh and radiant at any age!

cannabidiol skincare

4. It Can Improve Hair Health

How many of us drop hundreds on hair care products that really don’t make much of a difference for our hair? Um, all of us. We all want long, thick, shiny hair, but it’s nearly impossible to achieve. Instead of buying endless hair care products, you’ll want to find one that contains CBD oil. It’s been shown that CBD oil can stimulate hair growth as well as repair dry and damaged hair! It can also improve scalp health, which is great for people who suffer from dry scalps and dandruff.

cannabidiol hair growth

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