Earthy and Healthy: 8 Awesome Health Uses For Frankincense Oil

Essential oils have endless benefits, from cleaning purposes to beauty uses. One of the best uses for essential oils is to treat common health problems. While many essential oils can alleviate numerous health issues, one of the most well-known is frankincense essential oil. Read on to find out eight amazing health uses for frankincense oil:

1. Heal Minor Cuts and Wounds

Frankincense essential oil can be used to treat minor cuts and wounds. It has natural antiseptic properties that help to keep wounds clean and accelerate healing. When used in conjunction with lavender oil, the healing process is even quicker!

2. Relieve the Symptoms of Gout

One of the lesser known health uses for frankincense oil is to treat the effects of gout. Massaging diluted frankincense oil into the skin can help relieve the swelling that is caused by a gout flare-up.

3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Frankincense oil is known to have a calming effect. Putting a few drops of frankincense oil into an essential oil diffuser will reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Fight the Signs of Aging

So many of us go to great lengths to fight the signs of aging when it turns out nature may have had the solution all along! Frankincense oil can help fight the signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Alleviate Congestion

There are few things more annoying than the congestion that comes with a cold or flu. Breathing in the vapor of frankincense oil can actually help to relieve head and sinus congestion.

6. Relieve Arthritis Pain

Frankincense oil can reduce the pain and swelling of joints affected by arthritis. To reduce arthritis pain, just massage a few drops of diluted frankincense oil into the skin around the joint.

7. Provide Pain Relief

Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an excellent pain reliever for things like headaches. To alleviate a headache, massage diluted frankincense oil onto the back of the neck and the temples.

8. Reduces Itching

If you’re struggling with itchy skin, grab some frankincense oil! Massaging diluted frankincense oil onto the affected areas can significantly reduce itchiness.

Uses for Frankincense Oil

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