A Versatile Oil: 8 Awesome Uses For Eucalyptus Essential Oil

There are over 90 different essential oils out there, all of which offer endless benefits. One of the most useful essential oils is eucalyptus oil! From medicinal purposes to insect repellant, the benefits of eucalyptus essential oil are incredibly wide-ranging. It is a great oil for those who have little experience with essential oils since it has so many common uses. Check out eight of the great uses for eucalyptus essential oil below:

1. Relieves Congestion

Eucalyptus essential oil has natural decongestant properties. If you are suffering from allergies or a sinus infection, inhaling eucalyptus oil can actually break up the congestion and help you breathe easier!

2. Pain Relief

There are anti-inflammatory properties in eucalyptus oil, making it great for pain relief. Massaging a few drops into the skin around an inflamed area will reduce pains and aches.

natural pain relief

3. Disinfectant

There are natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties in eucalyptus oil, which makes it a great disinfectant. You can actually swap out your commercial household cleansers and wipe surfaces down with diluted eucalyptus oil instead!

4. Immune Support

Eucalyptus essential oil has been shown to support immune health by boosting the activity of the immune system, making it stronger to fight incoming infections.

natural immune support

5. Asthma Relief

Eucalyptus oil actually relaxes the sinus and nasal passages, making it easier to breathe more freely in people with respiratory issues like asthma.

6. Mood Booster

The properties in eucalyptus oil have been shown to elevate mood and boost spirits. This makes eucalyptus oil great for aromatherapy to treat things like depression, anxiety or stress.

natural treatment for depression

7, Repels Insects

This is one of the more unconventional uses for eucalyptus oil, but it’s definitely a good one! Instead of relying on strong, chemical insect repellants, you can use eucalyptus oil to repel bugs like mosquitos.

8. Relieves Sore Throat

The anti-inflammatory properties in eucalyptus oil can actually alleviate the pain associated with a sore throat, which means you can toss out the nasty Chloraseptic spray!

natural cure for sore throat


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