Almond Essential Oil

almond essential oilWhen determining which essential oils you want to buy, you may have wondered about how Almond Essential Oil fits in. To avoid confusion, it is important to distinguish the difference between Almond Essential Oil, Almond Oil which is used as a carrier oil, and Almond Fragrance Oil which is a synthetic oil used for scenting purposes.

The essential oil made from almonds is referred to as Bitter Almond Essential Oil, while the carrier oil is pressed from the same almonds that are eaten as a snack food, referred to as Sweet Almond Oil.

About Bitter Almond Essential Oil

Extracted through the steam distillation process Bitter Almond Essential Oil (amygdalus communis var. armara) comes with quite a bit of precautionary advice. The use of this oil should be restricted to external applications because it contains some substances that may be poisonous or even deadly if ingested. Even so, this oil does have some effective health properties including anesthetic, anti-carcinogenic, antiviral, antispasmodic, diuretic, febrifuge, germicidal, sedative, and vermifuge.

Bitter Almond Essential Oil has the nutty aroma of almonds, with a hint of a cherry scent, and is often used as a fixative for perfumery in addition to its other health properties. Also along the lines of body care, this oil is effective when added to body butter or lotion in order to care for the skin.

From a health care standpoint, Bitter Almond Essential Oil may also be used as an anesthetic or sedative, applied topically to create numbness in the body. This oil may also be used to extract toxic substances from the body because of its diuretic properties, which means that it may assist the body with losing weight. It may also be effective in lowering fevers.

When blending Bitter Almond Essential Oil, common essential oils used with it are:

All About Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

Bitter Almond Essential Oil Precautions

Used with great care, Bitter Almond Essential Oil may be effective for health and skin care. However, it should never be taken internally, and should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, because it may cause skin sensitivity this oil should be patch tested on a small area of skin prior to full topical application.

Sweet Almond Oil

Effective when used as a carrier oil, Sweet Almond Oil is one of the most effective oils when used for skin care and hair care. Rich with nutrients, Sweet Almond Oil has no side effects and is amazing when used in conjunction with a host of powerful essential oils.

Sweet almond oil is extract from the same almonds that humans typically eat, which are originally native to the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean areas. The United States is now the largest producer of sweet almonds throughout the world, particularly concentrated in the state of California.

Offering several therapeutic properties which make it useful as a carrier oil, Sweet Almond Oil’s properties include: analgesic, anti-dandruff, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cicatrisant, emollient, laxative, and sclerosant (used for spider veins, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids).

Sweet Almond Oil is particularly useful when applied to old wounds to soften the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. Blend with Lavender Essential Oil to increase the benefits.

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Almond Fragrance Oil

One other consideration that some people may be thinking of when they are looking into Almond Essential Oil, is the option for Almond Fragrance Oil. When making body care products or home fragrance products, Almond Fragrance Oil can be used to create a sweet, warm scent.

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Whether you’re looking for Bitter Almond Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, or Almond Fragrance Oil, getting the most out of this little nut is possible in various ways just by extracting the oil from it. For therapeutic purposes, health benefits, skin care, or fragrancing, Almond Essential Oil offers a great number of options for you oil collection.

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