Anise Essential Oil

anise essential oil

Steam distilled from the seeds of the Pimpinella anisum plant,  Anise Essential Oil has the distinct scent of black licorice. Even if you don’t exactly like the scent of black licorice, Anise Essential Oil is an exceptional enhancer for essential oil blends.

History and Facts about Anise Essential Oil

Historically, Anise has been used as a flavoring agent and a spice for food preparations as well as for beverages. Medicinally, people from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece have long known about the positive effects of this herb. In India, Anise has traditionally been used to help with digestion as well as to freshen the mouth.

Anise Essential Oil is a clear, thin oil which is made up most of Anethol, as well as limonene, camphene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, and other constituents.

Properties of Anise Essential Oil

Benefits of Anise Essential Oil

Aiding in the healing of wounds, Anise Essential Oil may be applied (diluted with a carrier oil) to cuts, scrapes, or sores to help your body speed up the healing process.

Those who struggle with arthritis, rheumatism, or pain from sore muscles may find it beneficial when applied topically to the affected areas. Dilute a few drops of the oil in a carrier oil and massage into the painful areas to offer relief from soreness and discomfort.

When fighting against a respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, sinus infection, congestion in the nose or chest, using this Essential Oil may be an effective natural remedy. Add a few drops of Anise to your cool mist humidifier to act as a congestion clearing remedy.

Anise Essential Oil Uses

Add a few drops of Anise Essential Oil to a cool mist humidifier or inhaler to ease the negative effects of a cold, flu, bronchitis, sinus infection, or other viruses that affect the breathing.

Anise may also help to increase the production of breast milk in lactating women, as well as stimulating menstruation in those who are having delayed menses. Do use this oil with caution. Do not use on patients who are experiencing estrogen dependent cancers.

This essential oil may be effective when used to fight against flatulence and the feeling of an over-full stomach. Add a few drops of Anise Essential Oil to a carrier oil and rub gently onto the belly to relieve trapped gas and reduce stomach pain. This may also be effective when used to relieve constipation.

For certain people, this Essential Oil may be used to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. This promotion of feelings of calm may also help with the reduction of headache or migraine pain by rubbing a drop of the oil onto the temples, forehead, and neck. Because it acts as a stimulant, it should be used in very low doses.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Anise Essential Oil is Commonly Blended With

Precautions for Anise Essential Oil

Since Anise acts as a stimulant and may have narcotic effects, it should be used in very low doses. It may also be dangerous to children so check with a medical professional prior to use. May cause irritation to certain skin types, therefore those with sensitive skin should perform a patch test prior to full usage.

What Amazon Users Think about Anise Essential Oil

Taking a look at what actual purchasers of a product have to say about it can be helpful in making a purchasing decision. Here’s what Amazon Reviewers think about these Anise Essential Oil brands:

NOW Essential Oils Star Anise

100% pure and natural, this Anise Essential Oil by NOW smells like licorice, as expected, and is enjoyed by users for making soap, air freshener, aroma therapy, and even as a pesticide. Reviewed with more than 4.0 stars by Amazon reviewers, this Anise Essential Oil is well loved by many verified purchasers who use it as fragrance, flavoring agent, wound cleaner, and breast milk producer.

Plant Therapy Anise Essential Oil

Instantly recognizable because of its warm, sweet licorice scent, Plant Therapy’s Anise Essential Oil is well loved by its users and reviewers. Verified purchasers comment not only on the quality of the oils but also rave about the customer service provided by the company.


Anise Essential Oil is probably not one of the first oils you’ll buy to fill up your collection, but it’s certainly a useful one that offers many therapeutic benefits that are positive to the health of your family as well as the cleanliness of your home. The scent of licorice is bright and warm, along with its many functional uses, you’ll soon find that this may become one of your favorites after all.

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