Best Essential Oil for Energy

best essential oil for energyFeeling sluggish and worn down? Tired and fatigued? One of the best ways to find a quick and natural pick-me-up is by looking to all-natural, purely powerful essential oils for energy! While there are many healthy ways that you can boost your energy levels—eating nutritious foods, getting enough exercise, and avoiding stress, some moments still just make you feel tired and lacking. Here are some of the best essential oils for energy, to restore your get-up-and-go!

The Very Best Essential Oil for Energy

A fabulous all-around favorite essential oil, Peppermint Essential Oil is refreshing and uplifting, with the ability to improve concentration and minimize mental fatigue. The senses and spirit are awakened when peppermint is added into the air as the best essential oil for energy. Plus, Peppermint is a scent that is enjoyed by everyone offering almost an almost instant increase of energy levels when a deep whiff is taken directly from the bottle. Diffusing this oil throughout the room allows for longer-term results of increased energy and reduced levels of exhaustion.

Other Best Essential Oils for Energy

Certainly there is more than one essential oil for energy, and here are some of the runner-ups that have made my list. Test them out individually, or blend them together with other favorite essential oils, to create a custom energy essential oil blend that is absolutely right for you.

Lemon Essential Oil. While the entire citrus family is fabulous for promoting energy, Lemon ranks as a favorite with its ability to immediately refresh the mind, reduce fatigue, and invigorate the body. The scent of lemons often brings with it a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Plus, since it is one of the most popular oils, most people have it on hand (or should!).

Grapefruit Essential Oil. Giving a burst of energy similar to lemon, Grapefruit Essential Oil is a slightly sweeter citrus oil that offers mental refreshment and stimulation. This oil helps to ease stress while promoting positivity and feelings of happiness and hope.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Cooling and also stimulating, Eucalyptus Essential Oil offers refreshment to the mind, stimulating the brain, and removing fatigue and exhaustion. Diffuse into the air.

Ginger Essential Oil. With warming properties and thoughts of spicy comfort, it may be a surprise that Ginger is an excellent essential oil for energy as well. Invigorating the mind and senses, this oil is a stimulant which can increase energy, strength, and vitality. Ginger may be a scent that takes some getting used to, but it is worth the investment.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Offering brain power that is more focused and productive Sweet Orange Essential Oil helps to increase motivation and energy levels while improving the mood and reducing fatigue. Plus, almost everyone enjoys that “freshly squeezed orange” scent.

Pine Essential Oil. With an evergreen scent reminiscent of winter months, the scent of Pine Essential Oil offers reduction of physical and mental fatigue while providing an invigorating and revitalizing effect on the body, mind, and senses. It may even work to reduce depressive feelings, replacing them with feelings of self-confidence, joy, and happiness.

Rosemary Essential Oil. Great for mental clarity and reducing mental fatigue, Rosemary Essential Oil stimulates the brain and offers wakefulness with a clear mind. The scent is herbaceous and earthy, with a natural warming quality.

How to Use Essential Oils for Energy

Use them topically as a daily perfume fragrance blended in a roll-on bottle, or carry a small vial with you and take a sniff whenever you are feeling down or draggy. Another way to use essential oils to provide energy to your whole family or work area is by diffusing them using a nebulizer or cool mist humidifier. You’ll love what essential oils for energy can do for you!

Here is a favorite recipes for blending essential oils for energy:

Energy Blend Booster Recipe

1 drop Ginger Essential Oil
3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
4 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Add these oils to a large essential oil diffuser and allow to run intermittently in the office, at home, or where the kids are studying. Alternatively, add to a carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of the feet or massage into the back of neck and to the wrists for a long-term personal energy booster.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers


Using the best essential oil for energy is a great way to purely and naturally give yourself, your family, or your co-workers a boost of vitality and maximize productivity throughout the day. Whether applying topically, making use of a diffuser, spraying into the air, or inhaling directly from the bottle, essential oils offer a tried-and-true, healthy path to a more productive and satisfying life.


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