Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

best therapeutic grade essential oilsHarvested from the “essence” of powerful plants of the earth, essential oils are completely natural substances with properties offering hundreds of various therapeutic benefits. Ranging from providing energy boosts to calming and soothing, from physical benefits to mental, from providing health to the hidden circulatory system to healing visual scars, essential oils offer unique and various benefits, many of which have been known by indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

When you become convinced that essential oils are for you, the struggle can be in knowing where to begin. One of the difficulties is that not all essential oils are the same. And because there is no government body of regulation over essential oils, it’s hard to tell if the company you are buying from is offering the highest quality. If you are using essential oils in a diffuser, topically on your body, or especially internally, you want to make sure that your body is receiving the best possible product.

What Does Essential Oils “Therapeutic Grade” Mean?

Because there is no governing standard, the term “therapeutic grade” in relation to essential oils is actually just a phrase that companies use to describe their product. The one exception is that plants claimed to be grown as “organic” may be certified by the FDA. However, this does not mean that those plants that are not certified organic are not high quality, it may just mean that they are grown on small, indigenous farms in remote places where the farmer does not have access to FDA certification capabilities. A reputable essential oils company will choose high quality farmers in places that the plants are naturally grown, and maintain their own strict internal standards.

Even though there is no governing body over essential oil quality, there are other ways that you can determine which essential oils are best. One of the most important ways to is make sure that your essential oil label states that the product is 100% pure and undiluted. This may be especially true if you pick up an obscure essential oil brand from a shop that is stocking them more as fragrance oils but does not intend for them to be used for health purposes. Reading the label and researching the brand are really the best ways to ensure that what you are getting is best.

Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

One extremely confusing issue in the essential oil world is the term “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” (CPTG). You’ll only see this term used by one company, doTerra, which is one of the multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that uses distributors. (Some people refer to this as a Pyramid company.) The reason that only doTerra uses CPTG is not that other companies do not offer equally high quality products. The reason is that CPTG is actually a trademarked phrase, meaning that no one else is legally allowed to use this phrase.

The meaning of “certified” in the CPTG phrase, therefore, is somewhat ambiguous because there is actually no certifying body. So, in reality, doTerra is truly only certifying themselves and it’s hard to imagine what that can really mean. Does this imply that doTerra’s products are inferior? Not really. You are likely to get a high quality essential oil product if you buy from them. But it does mean that the company’s trademark “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” does not have any significance except for in-house standards that they impose on themselves.

Standards Used on Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Reputable companies who are offering essential oils that can be used for therapeutic and health reasons will subject themselves to standards to ensure their quality and purity. Gas Chromotography (GC) and Mass Spectometry (MS) are two of the tests that pinpoint the exact makeup of the oil after it has been extracted from the plant. Some companies perform their own tests while others will have third-party testing done on their batches.

Many essential oil companies will provide their customers with copies of these GC/MS reports upon inquiry, offering peace of mind to the end user. Some brands that offer these test including Edens Garden, doTerra, Young Living, Plant Therapy, Quinessence, and Healing Solutions. It is always a good idea to check with the brand you are interested in prior to purchasing essential oils from them.

Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Brand

Because of the significant increase in cost of MLM essential oils brands (doTerra and Young Living), I usually try to avoid these brands. There are many other companies out there offering equally excellent products without having the cost of the marketing involved. One of my favorites is Edens Garden.

Founded in 2009, Edens Garden is a family-owned company that keeps costs low by selling online only. The company guarantees the quality of its products by offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee refund option, and ensures the freshness by storing their products carefully and rotating batches to offer the freshest possible products. The company believes in sourcing plants from organic growers and distillers whenever possible, and works very hard to make sure their plants are grown in native areas. To ensure quality, Edens Garden offers certificates of analysis and specifications for individual oils to customers upon request.

One of the company’s commitments is to make essential oils affordable for everyone, so they aim to keep overhead costs low. So when you compare their costs to other, more expensive companies, it’s important not to assume that expensive means better! Also, like many essential oil companies, Edens Garden believes in giving back, so the company donates 10% of its proceeds to charitable organizations.

Edens Garden offers a broad range of the best “therapeutic grade” essential oils, and its gift sets are an amazing way to build your collection.

Check out this sampler set of Top 6 Oils including Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Tea Tree:


When you’re looking for the best therapeutic grade essential oils, Edens Garden is just one of many excellent brands, and Amazon is one of the best places to source them. Compare and contrast your essential oil experiences with what verified purchasers have to say, and you’ll find yourself with an excellent therapeutic grade essential oil collection in no time.

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