Black Pepper Essential Oil

black pepper essential oil

History and Pertinent Facts about Black Pepper Essential Oil

While most people are only aware of Black Pepper’s function as a spice or flavoring used in cooking, peppercorns are significantly more useful than just as a table condiment! And it’s certainly more than simply salt’s lesser loved sidekick. The Black Pepper plant is native to India, but currently the largest producer and exporter of the plant is Vietnam. Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, and Thailand are also large exporters of peppercorns.

Historically, black pepper has been an extremely valuable spice, often considered sacred and even at times used as a currency that was traded for gold. The early Roman culture found this spice stored in large quantities by the wealthy. In ancient Egyptian times, this spice may have been used as part of the mummification process, and was even found in the nostrils of the mummified body of Ramses II.

Extracted from the peppercorns (berries) of the Piperceae plant through steam distillation, this essential oil has a scent that is warm, spicy, sharp, and musky (like pepper!). The scent is a bit more complex than simply that of dried peppercorns, however, with hints of green and even a bit of a floral smell. Even though Black Pepper Essential Oil may have a scent that is similar to the spice, it will not make a person sneeze or cause irritation to the eyes the way that ground pepper may.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Properties

Benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil

As an antioxidant, Black Pepper Essential Oil may be effective in keeping the body healthy and clear from unwanted substances in the body, such as toxins and free radicals. It works as a diuretic by increasing the amount and frequency of urination and also as a diaphoretic to release toxins through the sweating of the skin and cleaning out the pores. From a purely cosmetic standpoint, this oil may be useful when applied topically (diluted) to the skin for the purpose of reversing damage to the skin and decreasing the look of wrinkles and fine lines.

Extremely effective in energizing the body—including the digestive system—Black Pepper Essential Oil helps promote the function of the salivary glands, increasing digestive juices, and making the function of digestion much easier on the body. Not only that, but Black Pepper Essential Oil may also promote the ongoing health of the intestinal system by keeping them clear of toxins and promoting healthy function.

Along the same lines of healthy digestion, this oil is a carminative which means that it works to relieve painful gas that may be trapped in the intestines or other parts of the abdomen. This oil helps to reduce the discomfort of bloating and allows the body to pass the gas along as well as reducing the production of bacteria that may be causing the gas.

Uses for Black Pepper Essential Oil

Dilute two drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil with a carrier oil and massage on to muscles or joints to help keep them warm and active during workouts, especially in cold weather seasons. This oil may also assist with muscle spasms as well as bringing relief to and promoting healing of athletic injuries. For aching joints due to arthritis, blend with Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Clove to create a soothing rub to battle against soreness.

Add a few drops to a cool mist humidifier or nebulizing diffuser during stressful or tense times in order to soothe anxiety and calm the emotions. The scent may be more enjoyable if blended with Geranium or an oil from the mint family.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Black Pepper Essential Oil is Commonly Blended With

Precautions for Black Pepper Essential Oil

If used in large quantities, Black Pepper Essential Oil may cause some adverse physical side effects so its use should be moderate. Avoid contact with the nose, mouth, and eyes. Keep away from children. Consult a medical professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What Amazon Users Have to Say About Black Pepper Essential Oil

Using Amazon Reviews to check out a product prior to purchasing it is like have a gaggle of friends at your fingertips. Here’s what reviewers think about these brands of Black Pepper Essential Oil:

Edens Garden 100% Pure Black Pepper Essential Oil 10 ml

Highly ranked by its users, this Edens Garden Black Pepper Essential Oil has earned 4.7 out of 5.0 stars from Amazon Reviewers. This oil has been effectively used by one verified purchaser to drastically reduce nicotine cravings when trying to quit smoking. Another reviewer mentions that this oil is extremely effective and costs much less than some of the other brands without sacrificing quality.

doTERRA Black Pepper Essential Oil 5 ml

For those who prefer to purchase from doTERRA, this Black Pepper Essential Oil has received high marks (4.5 out of 5.0 stars), even though it is more expensive per unit than many of the other brands. One verified purchaser of this product mentions that it has been mixed with other oils to help fight against pain from Fibromyalgia and that it works very well. Another purchaser mentions that the scent is different than expected, with a hint of citrus, but not in a bad way. She also mentions that the oil is extremely strong and should only be used in small amounts.


Black Pepper Essential Oil has a distinct, sharp scent that is enjoyed by most people, particularly when blended with other high quality essential oils. Many people find this oil to be effective when used for therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, relaxation, energizing, warming, and even for cooking. This is certainly an oil to have on hand in your essential oil collection!

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