Can You Be Allergic To Essential Oils?

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Essential oils have been shown to be an effective treatment for…well, almost everything. Got a cold? There’s an essential oil for that. Struggling with terrible migraines? There’s an essential oil for that. Battling acne breakouts? Yes, there’s even an essential oil for that! We know that essential oils have endless benefits, but it turns out not everyone can use them. Many people are actually allergic to essential oils and have adverse reactions when in the presence of certain ones. What are the signs that you’re allergic to essential oils and which oils are most likely to cause allergies?

What Are the Signs That You’re Allergic To Essential Oils?

If you’re someone who loves using essential oils for whatever reason but you notice that you don’t feel well afterwards, you might be allergic to the oils that you’re using. Depending on the type, essential oils can cause allergic reactions in a multitude of ways. Essential oil reactions can manifest in any of the following ways:

Skin Reactions:

essential oil allergies

Respiratory Reactions:

essential oil reactions

Gastrointestinal Reactions:

essential oils gastrointestinal upset

Which Essential Oils Are Most Likely To Cause An Allergic Reaction?

Technically, it’s possible to be allergic to anything. You’ve heard those awful stories of people who are allergic to sunlight or water, so that pretty much proves anything can cause an allergic reaction. This means that any and every essential oil could potentially be an allergen. With that said, there are some essential oils that seem to be the most prevalent amongst oils people have had reactions to. Certain families of oils tend to lead to certain allergic reactions. This includes the following:

“Heat” Oils (Skin Reactions):

cinnamon oil benefits

Floral Oils (Respiratory Reactions):

rose essential oil

When it comes to gastrointestinal reactions, any essential oil can lead to these if ingested.

What Should You Do If You Have An Allergic Reaction To Essential Oils?

If you find that you are having an allergic reaction to the use of an essential oil, seek immediate medical attention. While many allergic reactions subside in minutes, some can progress to anaphylaxis. This is a narrowing or altogether closing of the airways and can lead to death if not promptly treated.

Once you have had an allergic reaction to an essential oil, cease all use of that oil and any others from that family of essential oils.

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