Cannabis is the Newest Craze in Cosmetics: 8 Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products

By now most of us are familiar with the health benefits of cannabis. More and more states are accepting medical marijuana as an effective treatment for diseases like cancer, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s. While many of us have heard of how cannabis is revolutionizing the medical world, most people have no idea that cannabis is permeating another industry: beauty. That’s right; your favorite all-natural cure-all and favorite recreational activity (No worries – your secret is safe with us.) can now help you revamp your beauty routine. From lotions to shampoos to mascara, cannabis-infused beauty products are making a breakthrough in the cosmetic world.

Here are eight beauty products that contain cannabis:


Studies have shown that cannabis sativa seed oil stimulates your skin’s oil production. For this reason, endless brands of lotions and moisturizers are adding cannabis to their formulas. Cannabis also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help soothe aching skin or muscles. So if you have some dry patches of skin or a particularly sore area, grab some cannabis-infused moisturizer!

What to Try: Herb Essentials Cannabis Infused Moisturizer, $60

Body Wash

A great body wash can make a quick shower feel like a day at the spa. If you’re looking for a body wash that gets you clean and leaves your skin soft and smooth, look for one that contains cannabis. Not only will it smell amazing, but it will leave you feeling clean, awakened and refreshed. What more could you ask for from a shower?

What to Try: Marley Naturals Hemp Seed Body Wash, $16


After a few days of dry shampoo, your hair needs some serious cleaning from a good shampoo. This is why you should invest in a shampoo with cannabis in it. Cannabis shampoo leaves hair feeling light and clean, not dirty and weighed down. Since cannabis also has moisturizing properties, it won’t dry your hair out like other shampoos do. It’s almost like using a shampoo and conditioner combo.

What to Try: Nature’s Gate Hemp Nourishing Shampoo

Lip Balm

Is there anything worse than dry, chapped lips? They’re painful and also flat-out ugly. To keep your lips soft and moisturized, you might want to try lip balm with cannabis in it. The anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis will soothe your cracked lips and the moisturizing properties will keep them from drying out again. It doesn’t hurt that many of these cannabis lip balms taste great, too.

What to Try: Vertly Hemp Infused Lip Butter, $18


Any woman who says she doesn’t want long, voluminous lashes is straight-up lying. We all dream of having thick, full and dramatic eyelashes. It turns out that cannabis-infused mascara just might be the answer. Mascara brands are now adding hemp seed oil to their formulas because it has numerous benefits. Not only does it nourish lashes, it might encourage them to grow, also! Who knew?

What to Try: Mineral Essence Ultimate Volume Mascara, $16

Anti-Aging Serum

Hemp seed oil or CBD oil has been shown to significantly reduce the signs of aging. The moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties work together to diminish wrinkles and fade dark spots. It’s no wonder that beauty brands are loading their anti-aging serums with the beneficial oil.

What to Try: Cannabis Beauty Defined Anti-Aging Salve, $50

Cellulite Cream

Women hate the appearance of cellulite on their skin. If you want to make your skin smooth and full again, there are now cannabis creams that get rid of cellulite in no time. The active CBD in the formulas works to tighten skin and make it appear firmer than ever.

What to Try: High Gorgeous Nice Buns Cellulite Treatment, $20


Who doesn’t love having a signature scent? You want a strong scent that people immediately recognize and associate with you. While you might initially think of Chanel or Armani, throw those names to the curb. There are numerous new fragrance brands coming out that feature cannabis as the primary ingredient. Not only do these perfumes smell amazing, but the scent lasts for hours without fading.

What to Try: Fresh Cannibus Santal Eau de Parfum

You might have reserves about buying and using anything related to cannabis. We understand. But rest assured, none of these products contain THC, the chemical in hemp that produces psychoactive effects. This means none of these beauty products can produce the signature high that comes with smoking pot. It also means they’re completely legal. So there’s nothing to worry about! You can now rebuild your entire beauty regimen with cannabis-infused products and start seeing the results in the mirror.

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