CBD Oil for Cats: 8 Ways to Use CBD Oil for Your Feline Friend

By now you’ve all heard of the immense medicinal benefits of CBD oil, right? Just in case you haven’t, here’s the basics: CBD oil is made from cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It has numerous medicinal benefits like pain relief, soothing anxiety and resolving insomnia. This means that CBD oil can be taken to resolve your medical ailments without getting you high. While endless people are using CBD oil to treat their own medical problems, it turns out that CBD oil can be used to help your pets feel better, too! This article happens to be about our favorite feline friends. We’re going to tell you eight ways that you can use CBD oil for cats:

1. Arthritis

CBD oil has natural pain relieving properties. It is known to reduce inflammation, which makes it ideal to soothe the pain that comes with arthritis. It is recommended to use CBD oil for cats (typically older kitties) who have been diagnosed with arthritis to help ease their joint pain.

2. Cancer

It is absolutely devastating to learn that your furbaby has been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer tends to be more aggressive in animals, and often leads to death very quickly. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that CBD oil can slow the progression of cancer in cats, as well as shrink tumors. In some cases, it has altogether cured it!

3. Asthma

For kitties who are afflicted with asthma, CBD oil may be the cure they’ve needed all along! The beneficial oil can reduce inflammation of the airways, making it easier for cats with asthma to breathe and leading to fewer asthma attacks.

4. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a painful inflammation of the pancreas that can result in vomiting, diarrhea and even death. CBD oil can alleviate pancreatitis in cats by reducing the inflammation of the pancreas. It can also ease the nausea associated with pancreatitis.

5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease causes severe vomiting and diarrhea in cats. CBD oil can ease the symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease by reducing nausea and soothing their upset stomachs. A side effect of inflammatory bowel disease is severe malnutrition and weight loss due to decreased appetite. CBD oil can increase a cat’s appetite and help them put weight back on.

6. Anxiety

If you have a particularly anxious kitty, you might want to consider using CBD oil for them. The calming properties in cannabidiol can ease anxiety in cats and lead to a calmer, happier feline. This is especially beneficial for cats who are scared of loud noises, like thunderstorms or fireworks.

7. Seizures

Many cats suffer with seizures, and witnessing your cat having a seizure can be a traumatic experience. For these kitties, CBD oil may be a great solution. CBD oil has been shown to reduce epileptic seizure activity in animals. It is a safe alternative to the harsh anti-seizure medications typically used for animals.

8. Immune System Support

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil can be used to boost a cat’s immune system. This is particularly useful for cats who are prone to respiratory infections. The properties in cannabidiol naturally strengthen the immune system, making it easier for your furry friend to stay happy and healthy.

Now that you’ve learned about all the beneficial uses of CBD oil for cats, you can start healing your furry friend! It is important to note that CBD oil may not work in all cases. Remember that everything should be used in moderation and giving your kitty too much CBD oil can have adverse effects. Before giving your cat CBD oil, check with a licensed veterinarian to see that it is okay.

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