Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser

Product Name:Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser
Run Time:3 hours
Capacity:100 ml
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As a company, Allure Aromatics has a great deal of passion about personal wellness. With a belief in the benefits of aromatherapy and holistic healing, Allure offers products which promote such passions. Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser is meant to transform life, enrich wellbeing, and improve lifestyles.  Making use of Allure Aromatics’ products can add wholeness and health to your life.

Allure Aromatics offers this popular essential oil diffuser which allows users to soothe aches and pains, boost mental energy, and breathe in refreshed and moistened air. With double use as an essential oil diffuser as well as cool mist humidifier, this unit offers various timer settings for convenience, a warm “candle light” mode, and a safety shut off mode when the unit runs out of water.

Allure Aromatics’ essential oil diffuser gains 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 379 reviews on Amazon.

Features and Benefits of Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser

Some of the best characteristics of the Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser are:

  • Two “candle light” modes to create soothing ambience with LED lights.
  • Pearl white plastic column shape resembles a pillar candle, easily blending into any décor.
  • Advanced ceramic disc with anti-corrosion technology to prevent oil buildup.
  • Energy efficient and free from condensation.
  • Extremely quiet for calm and relaxing usage, or for sleeping.
  • Auto shut off for safety and convenience, when water gets low.
  • Continuous fragrant mist for up to three hours.
  • 4 timer settings: 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes.
  • Will run for up to three hours (180 minutes) before automatically shutting off.
  • Hassle free replacement warranty for 12 months from purchase.
  • May turn light completely off for sleeping or energy efficiency.
  • Compact, lightweight design is portable for use anywhere in the home or for travel.
  • Includes measuring cup for ease of filling.
  • Use warm tap water for optimum mist, not distilled water.
  • 4-6 drops of high quality essential oil per 100ml of water is recommended.
  • 100ml water capacity (approximately 4 ounces).
  • Press and hold “mist” button keeps the unit from being accidentally turned on.
  • Takes up only a small amount of space for use on nightstand, desk, shelf, or other small area.
  • Natural looking, warm light for a more realistic approach, rather than a rainbow of lights.
  • Excellent customer service from Allure Aromatics.
  • Works well as a night light.
  • May be used as a cool mist humidifier simply by adding only water without essential oils.

What Amazon Reviewers Think…

When you really want to know how to expect a product like Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser to work, go to the people who have used it! Find out critical information from actual users who have reviewed this product:

Our first customer reviewer for the Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser found it to perform even better than the ones that are offered by Young Living, but at half the price! She gets double the amount of mist out of this diffuser and enjoys it so much that she bought another one for a friend and plans to get a third very soon. She highly recommends this to anyone who is a new diffuser user, or has had one that needs to be replaced.

Another customer indicates that the mist button needs to be held down for a few seconds before the unit will turn on. She prefers this feature because it keeps the unit from being turned on accidentally. She also likes the fact that this Allure Aromatics diffuser does not take up a great deal of space and the fact that the light is optional, making it helpful for use at night while sleeping. This user indicates that the scent fills the room quite well and the automatic shutoff is a great feature. The size is similar to that of a pillar candle and the light is just a soft glow, reminiscent of a candle.

This verified user found that she was quite excited to finally find a diffuser unit that actually lasts. After trying several, the Allure Aromatics has proven to be reliable and durable. She says that it provides a great deal of steam related to the small size of the unit, that it runs quietly, and that it is extremely easy to clean. She is actually planning to purchase more units for different areas of her house, so that’s an excellent recommendation.

Another customer reviewer thinks this diffuser is easy to use, cute, and compact. Simply add water and a few drops of essential oil, plug in, push the button, and the scent will fill the room. Comparing this model to the diffusers that friends have, this user finds this particular model to be very impressive. She finds it to be low maintenance, likes the auto shut off feature, and recommends that others are likely to fall in love with this diffuser as well.

One other customer does like the Allure Aromatics diffuser, however he does find it to be a bit expensive for what you receive. He likes the compact size, and the light setting options make it useful for a nightlight. However, this user does find the unit to be less strong than others that he has had in the past and thinks it only works in a very small room—such as a bathroom.

One of the main points of customer feedback to be considered is that the Allure Aromatics essential oil diffuser only works for about 3 hours at a time, which is less time than many other diffusers on the market. Many customers wish that the settings would last longer than the three hours, and would like it to accommodate a larger area. But others like the fact that the tank is small and portable. In addition, many users prefer the fact that the light is a natural glow like a candle, rather than a rainbow of colors which are not as earthy.

Video Review

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Bottom Line

All in all, the Allure Aromatics Essential Oil Diffuser is a well-crafted product backed by a company with a track record of offering sound customer service. The unit is small but power-packed, and useful for diffusing into small areas for short amounts of time, taking advantage of the power of essential oils. With a focus on portability and convenience, the Allure Aromatics unit is particularly loved for its candle-like lighting options which create a soothing ambience. Natural and serene, this unit offers up to three hours of oil diffusion and cool, moist air to promote health and healing in your home or office.

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