Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser

Product Name:Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser
Run Time:6 to 8 hours
Capacity:180 ml
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My Green Origin, the company that is behind the Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser, believes in promoting positive change in the body, spirit, and mind through living free from toxic chemicals. To that end, the company offers a clean line of wholesome products which includes essential oils, diffusers, health creams, and more. As a holistic lifestyle brand, the company seeks to offer natural, eco-friendly products which are transformative and gentle to the planet.

Aroma Bliss, by My Green Origin, offers many excellent features including a mid-range length of operation, cool mist to maintain the integrity of oils and safety for the family, and an attractive Italian design to provide unique aesthetics in your home or office.

With 4.7 out of 5 stars after having been reviewed by around 300 reviewers, the Aroma Bliss is well loved by those who have owned it.

Features and Benefits of Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser

Using the Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser offers a variety of benefits to the physical, mental, and emotional health, including:

  • Small, round design in white plastic offers durability and blends with any décor.
  • Delicate blue light offers an attractive element to light any room.
  • May operate with lower light setting depending upon preference.
  • Elegant, simple design fits sleekly in bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, or bathroom.
  • Ultrasonic technology is whisper quiet with no heat source.
  • Cool mist is safe to touch and does not degrade the quality of essential oils when used.
  • Operates as long as 6-8 hours with continuous use.
  • Use with regular tap water, no need for distilled water.
  • 180ml water tank.
  • Eco-friendly and efficient with low energy consumption.
  • Auto shut off activates when water level becomes low, for convenience and safety.
  • Easy to operate by removing cover, then adding water and essential oil drops.
  • Quiet operation makes this unit ideal for use while resting or sleeping.
  • Includes measuring cup for convenient filling.
  • 100% customer satisfaction with 30 day money back guarantee.
  • 1 year warranty from manufacturer with proof of purchase.
  • 8.2 inches x 4 inches x 7.6 inches.
  • 1 pound for light weight portability.
  • Shape is thin, excellent for placement on a small ledge.

What Amazon Reviewers Think…

Getting information about potential purchases can be very helpful. Especially when it is gained from people who already have experience with the product. Here’s a look at some of the things reviewers have to say about Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser:

One verified customer of the Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser just loves it. He indicates that it works exactly as expected and he has had quite a few compliments about it from guests. When comparing to a diffuser of another brand, this user says that the scent of this one lasts much longer and it is more effective. He recommends this diffuser to friends, family, and anyone else.

Another user finds the Aroma Bliss diffuser to be easy to use and attractive. He says that the blue LED light is enjoyable and makes a good night light. The simplicity of use means that you only need to lift off the top cap, fill the water chamber to the fill line, add some drops of essential oil, and then go. He mentioned that the 180ml capacity is larger than most diffusers, which only come with a capacity of 100ml. The unit is very quiet and the automatic shut off feature is also quite useful after the average of about 6 hours of use.

A different user believes this diffuser to be of higher quality than those ordered through companies that provide their products through home parties. This customer indicates that her family uses this diffuser every day, that it automatically shuts off, and it is a lovely piece for decorating. She does say that the top is fairly easy to be removed, which make cause problems for those with little ones so it needs to be kept out of reach. The scent spreads out nicely through a large area, even into rooms or floors where a diffuser is not being used.

Another customer points out the fact that the reservoir of the Aroma Bliss diffuser is much larger than another she has had. The reservoir is easy to fill and the unit comes with a measuring cup to make it that much simpler. The mist produced is strong and the diffuser lasts for at least six hours while running very quietly. In addition, the design is nice to look at and the packaging is great in this user’s opinion.

One other user indicates that this Aroma Bliss diffuser is simple to operate and the scent goes quite far, even in a large room. She says that the aroma can last up to eight hours because the reservoir is so large, and the design is a clean, modern look. This user enjoys the automatic shut off feature and says that the unit runs very quietly which makes it perfect for use in a bedroom. She comments that she has owned many diffusers and this one is definitely her favorite out of all of the brands she has owned.

One aspect that reviewers mentioned is that the cover of the diffuser is possibly not as secure as it could be, which could lead to spills if used near children or pets. This does, however, make it easier for the cover to be removed and replaced by those with weaker hands. One other concern is that there are some product owners who do not like the fact that the blue light may not be able to be completely turned off, which may be a distraction during sleeping.

Video Review

Video Credit: My Green Origin via YouTube – click here to view directly on YouTube

Bottom Line

Aroma Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser, by My Green Origin, is a high-quality diffuser that runs simply and easily without a great many bells and whistles. With an attractive design, the diffuser offers a stylistic approach to natural, holistic lifestyle with the convenience of portability. Take this little unit on the road with you, or buy one for every room!

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