Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser

Product Name:Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser
Run Time:8 to 12 hours
Capacity:350 ml
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Portable and powerful, the Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser brings the feeling and scent of a spa right into your home. BellaSentails Aromatherapy Supplies is committed to supplying excellent service to its customers and offers a money back guarantee and a full one year warranty in case of any problems with their products. The company aims to please and offers its contact information to be easily accessible to customers for questions or concerns.

Bella Aire Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser by BellaSentials offers aromatic therapy with the ambience of soothing colored LED changing lights. One of the longer lasting diffusers, Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser distributes its mist for between 8 and 12 hours, depending on the strength of the mist you choose. With a larger tank than most portable diffusers, quiet ultrasonic technology, and a bamboo style design in dark or light, this diffuser has much to offer in the way of aromatherapy and style.

Bellasentials Diffuser gained 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 500 actual customer reviewers.

Features and Benefits of BellaSentials Bella Aire Ultrasonic Diffuser

  • Ultrasonic technology is whisper quiet for soothing use during sleep or awake time.
  • Micro vapor allows oil to be suspended in the air for extended time period for maximum effectiveness.
  • Simple and convenient design.
  • Comes with small water pitcher for ease of filling unit.
  • No need for distilled water, simply use tap water·
  • Cool mist humidifier does not compromise integrity of high quality essential oils.
  • Dark Bamboo faux wood style is unassuming and natural looking to match almost any décor.
  • Also available in light bamboo color for variation in style and decor.
  • Short, egg shape makes it easy to place in a variety of spaces including desk, dresser, or shelf.
  • Large tank holds up to 350ml, or 1 ½ cups of water.
  • Add 10 drops of essential oil to a full tank; 5 drops if using citrus essential oils.
  • Runs for up to 12 hours on low mode, with lightest mist.
  • Runs for up to 8 hours on high mode with stronger mist.
  • Automatic shut off feature turns unit off when tank is empty, for safety and convenience.
  • Color changing LED lights with 7 rotating colors for ambiance.
  • Colored Lights include Dark Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Light Blue, and White.
  • My choose rotating colors, stop on your favorite color, or choose no lights.
  • Bonus eBook included – BellaSentials: The Healing Power of Essential Oils
  • Easy to move from room to room at 6.5 x 8.3 x 3 inches.
  • Portable for ease in traveling.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee by seller.
  • One Year Warranty offered by BellaSentials.
  • 1.7 pounds shipping weight.
  • Can be used as a cool mist humidifier simply by adding water only to the tank.
  • Easy to clean by rinsing with water and white vinegar.

What Amazon Reviewers Think…

There’s no better way to find out if you want to buy something than to ask others who already own the product for recommendations and information about it. Here is what some actual products users have to say about Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser:

One verified user describes the two settings of this diffuser as a solid stream of vapor, or an intermittent setting. She indicates that the unit is silent when running, making it able to be used in the bedroom without disturbance. The lights are optional, providing what this user considers to be a soothing ambience. Her experience is that the run time for the unit is up to twelve hours, and she finds it to help relieve her sinus issues. The auto shutoff feature is a great safety feature and keeps her from wasting oils.

A different user simply loves the Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser because of the length of time that the diffusion lasts, as well as because of the soothing colors. Although other customers may have indicated that this unit beeps when it turns off, this user has not experienced this beeping. She cleans her unit with water and vinegar, and has found it to be very useful. This user highly recommends this product and also intends to purchase another unit for her home.

Another verified customer indicates that this is a great diffuser based on its multiple features and benefits. The ambience created is relaxing and peaceful, providing a reduction of stress in the home. The Bella Aire Essential Oil Diffuser runs quietly all night or all day, without needing to re-fill. The auto shutoff is a great feature, and this user finds the diffuser to provide moisture and humidity into the dry air in her home. The lights are enjoyable and she has received many compliments for the way that the diffuser looks.

This user found that the company shipped the product quickly and she was very pleased with the packaging. She likes the automatically changing colored lights, as well as the option to turn off the lights. This user finds the design to be classic, and the unit to be the perfect size to fit in the living room or kitchen. It’s quiet, and she has already recommended it to friends.

Another customer who uses the Bella Aire diffuser finds it to be elegant, simple, quiet, and reliable. It runs for a very long time and shuts off automatically when the water runs out. She enjoys the fact that she has options for setting up the lights and finds this to be an excellent purchase.

One concern from a few folks is that, because of the shallow design, the lid may be a bit difficult to remove as it may be slipper and hard to grip. Another concern is that some customers seem to have noticed that the blue light actually turns on when the diffuser runs out of water, which may be a concern for those planning to use this in the bedroom or while sleeping. Others think that although the mist lasts for 12 hours, the scent of the oils dissipates much sooner than that.

Video Review

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Bottom Line

Bella Aire by BellaSentials comes with strong recommendations by users and could be considered highly preferred because of its larger size. Especially if you are buying it to use as a cool mist humidifier in addition to being used as an essential oil diffuser. It may be bit pricey in comparison with other similar units on the market, but it is larger as well. The Bella Aire’s simple, elegant, and natural style is a great plus because so many other units are simply made of white plastic. All in all, this stylish bamboo comes with good recommendations from Amazon’s actual users.

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