Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser

Product Name:Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser
Run Time:4 to 5 hours
Capacity:Not stated
Color:White, Black
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Riverock by Deneve offers cool mist humidifying with excellent aromatherapy benefits. Deneve provides quality electrics for the home, specifically focusing on cool mist humidifiers as well as lighting, with a mission to revitalize the minds and souls of their customers.

Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser is a perfect combination of both quiet oil diffusion and ambient light color rotation. Engineering their products for usability and acoustics, Deneve designed the Riverock to mirror the shape of river bed pebbles and sound like the water of a babbling brook.

Available in white or black, the appearance of the Riverock Ultrasonic diffuser blends with almost any décor from traditional to modern. With 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 2200 customer reviews, Deneve’s Riverock provides a solid reputation that can be trusted for diffusing essential oils throughout your entire home or office.

Features and Benefits of Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser

Some of the best features of this small but powerful diffuser include:

  • Ultrasonic technology provides quiet, soothing diffusion of essential oils.
  • Automatic shut off when unit is empty for worry-free safety and convenience.
  • Comes with measuring cup for ease of filling.
  • Cool mist preserves the integrity of quality essential oils for best efficacy.
  • 4-5 hours of use with full capacity.
  • Small and easily portable at only 1.3 pounds.
  • Easy to use 4-way switch allows diffusing with color changes, solid color, or no lights.
  • Simply push down on top of unit to turn on, switch lighting, or turn off.
  • 5 ambient light color changes as well as white light for personal preferences.
  • No unwanted noise, heat, or vibration to disturb relaxation or sleep.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • 1 year warranty from manufacturer.
  • Made of plastic casing with lighting band, shaped a bit like a round rock or an egg.
  • May choose between black and white to match any décor.
  • Works as a cool mist humidifier simply by using only water without essential oils.
  • Coverage for 250 square foot room on average, but may cover up to 350 square feet with stronger oils in a high ventilation area.
  • Great for bedroom, office, bathroom, or other small to medium-sized room.

What Amazon Reviewers Think…

Making a decision about the best essential oil diffuser is easiest when you can find out what other people, actual users of the product really think. Here’s some feedback on the Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser :

One user of the Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser enjoys the fact that the mist is very fine and dissolves into the air, therefore the furniture does not get wet. The only sound is a bubbling sound which is relaxing and enjoyable. This user indicates that the product is simple to fill as it includes a measuring cup. The diffuser runs for about five hours when full, and the automatic shut off feature means it turns off when the water runs out. This user isn’t really swayed by the color-changing feature, but indicates that you can choose a specific color in addition to having the colors rotate.

Another user comments that Riverock Diffuser is very easy to clean while the unit purifies, sterilizes, and ionizes the water. She also notes that it looks better than she had expected that it would, saying that it looks better than it does in the photos. She thinks it add a classy style to any part of your home where you use it.

This user enjoys the black color of the Riverock to go with the décor of her home. She also notes that her cats have knocked it off the table several times and it still works just fine! This user likes the color changing lights and thinks it works well as a night light. She certainly plans to purchase more of this essential oil diffuser in the future.

Small but mighty is another customer’s comment about this Riverock diffuser. She appreciates that it doesn’t take up a great deal of counter space. Even though her kitchen is large and opens to the living room, this user finds that the scent drifts into the other rooms of the house, making it that much more effective and enjoyable. She certainly recommends this product highly.

One additional reviewer indicates that she very much likes the shape of this diffuser as most of them are tall and pillar-shaped. Her preference is for this low and inconspicuous shape that does not draw attention to itself on her desk at work. She fills it twice a day with lavender essential oil and it makes all of the difference in calming what might otherwise be a stressful work day. It puts out a steady stream of mist and she likes the option of turning off the lights.

Customers have asked questions and commented about the lights appearing to be neon in the photo. Although the photo of the white diffuser may make it seem as if it has a green or blue stripe, that is simply a representation of the light band around the product, where it changes color.

Video Review

Video Credit: Jan Rey via YouTube – click here to view directly on YouTube

Bottom Line

The Riverock by Deneve is easy to use and works well with various essential oils for aromatherapy and cool mist humidifying purposes. Just place on a firm surface, add water to the fill line, then add 5 drops of essential oil, and replace the lid. Plug in, press the top of the unit to turn on, press again to choose a specific color, or press once more to turn lights off. With its affordable price, you may end up buying one for every room of the house. But whether you buy one or several, you may find that this small but mighty diffuser will become a product that you can’t believe you ever lived without!

Images and Reviews from Real Products Users courtesy of Amazon.com

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