Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews

edens garden essential oils reviewsTaking a look at the companies who provide essential oils is an important part of understanding the sources of the oils that we use.

This feature discusses Edens Garden Essential Oil and what they have to offer customers in the way of not only the actual oils, but also customer care.

Edens Garden Essential Oils History

Grace, the founding member and CEO of Edens Garden, found herself on a mission trip to New Zealand many years ago. She learned about the pure, unadulterated relaxation in the beauty of nature and then began to explore ways to bring about that type of relaxation through essential oils.

As she began to travel the world while working in the natural industry, she discerned a need for an essential oils company that was genuinely concerned for their customers, offering products that are affordable as well as high in quality. The dream that grace had was to promote people instead of profit, giving direct access to essential oils for anyone that wanted them, without having to go through a middle person.

The company began in 2009 as the natural industry was very much at a place of growth.  Although the business was begun in a small garage, it quickly grew in its selection of oils and attention to customers’ needs. Rather than spending money on marketing, the company grew from positive customer experiences and word-of-mouth.

Edens Garden Essential Oils Quality and Safety

Although some companies choose to grow all of their own plants for their essential oils, Edens Garden believes that sourcing essential oils from their own indigenous regions is an effective way to make sure that the plants thrive and give the best possible result of essential oils.

The quality of this company’s essential oils is very high, with 100% purity and graded for therapeutic use, making use of plants which are grown free from herbicides, pesticides, or any other unnatural or harmful ingredients.

Edens Garden Essential Oils

With over 150 essential oils available, Edens Garden seeks to source the highest quality single essential oils as well as creating blends to meet the needs of its customers. Single oils are offered in 127 different varieties, ranging from Allspice and Amyris to Yarrow and Ylang Ylang.

Also understanding that essential oils can work together to help each other more effectively aid the body, Edens Garden offers 39 synergy blend oils which are pure and never cut with additives or fillers. Synergy Blends are created to address various issues of the body’s systems. The names typically indicate their use, including options such as Anxiety Ease, Good Night, Muscle Relief, Pest Defy, Sleep Ease, Stay Alert, or Stress Relief.

Gifts sets offered by Edens Garden are a perfect way to give gifts or try something new for yourself. Each set comes with a brochure (small book, really!) titled “150 Ways to Use Essential Oils” which offers excellent tips and advice for use. Collections and gift sets are more affordably priced than when the oils are purchased as singles, making this a great investment. Set may be set up for you, and there is also an option to create your own set of two, six, twelve, or thirty-two oils.

Oils may be purchased in bottles of 5ml, 10ml or 30ml and are quite affordable—meaning they range from around $3 to around $30 for a 5ml bottle. (This is significantly less expensive than some of the multi-level marketing companies (MLM).) This does not mean, however, that there is a sacrifice in quality or purity. It simply means that very little money is spent on advertisement or paying sales representatives to sell the product. This type of savings is passed on to the customers who are buying the product.

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Edens Garden Complimentary Products

In addition to simply essential oils, Edens Garden provides its customers with complimentary products that are relevant to the use of essential oils and the care of the body and mind.

With 15 different carrier oils to apply to the body missed with essential oils, customers are certain to find one (or two or three!) that they prefer. Some carrier oils may have UV protection properties while others may have antioxidants, Vitamins, or fatty acids that are good for the skin.

Carrier oils include the more standard oils such as Sweet Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil, or more unique oils such as Macadamia Oil and Hemp Seed Oil.

Other products carried by the company include accessories such as amber glass bottles with euro droppers, labels, wall diffusers, carrying cases, and car diffusers.

All About Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

Edens Garden Customer Policy

In addition to educating customers about the benefits (and potential risks!) of using Edens Garden Essential Oils, the company works very hard to address each individual customer’s needs.

The standard 30 day return policy ensures that each customer appreciates and enjoys their purchases, making it less risky for a customer to make a purchase online. The company also has a blog attached to their website, offering ongoing education related to various oils and their uses, as well as providing freebies such as monthly Wallpaper Calendars.

Edens Garden Gives Back

One significant point that customers very much agree with is Edens Garden’s commitment to give back.  Because the company wants to be generous with their resources, they are committed to giving 10% of their profits to various charitable organizations which are purposed to help improve the state of the world.


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Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews and Highlights

Although all 150 oils offered by Eden’s Garden are probably fantastic, it’s best to be able to highlight just a few of them in order to give a deeper look at some of their best.

Edens Garden Synergy Blends Top 6 Sampler Pack

This set of 6 popular, pure therapeutic grade essential oils blends addresses various needs of the body and the mind. Packaged in amber glass bottles of 10ml each, complete with euro droppers, the set comes with Hope, Breathe Easier, Good Night, Sunshine Spice, Stress Relief, and Relaxation.

Customers can save up to $40 by purchasing these oils in a set rather than individually.

Over 800 Amazon customers have reviewed this product and it has earned 4.6 out of 5.0 stars, meaning that most customers absolutely love it! Actual Verified Purchasers commented that they find that the oils last a very long time, particularly when appropriately diluted with a quality carrier oil.

Several customers mentioned that the packaging is lovely and the box is beautiful, making the set excellent for gift giving.

Most of the customers who were not as pleased with the oils wrote that it had to do with the way that the oils smelled, that they may be too strong, and that they prefer the individual oils over the blended scents. Other customers, however, commented that they love the scents.


Edens Garden First Aid Essential Oil Set

This set of twelve essential oils comes with 10ml amber glass bottles of: Breathe Easier, Digest Ease, Eucalyptus Globulus, Fighting Five (Previously known as Four Thieves), Head Ease, Lemon, Lavender, Muscle Relief, Peppermint, Pest Defy, Sleep Ease, and Tea Tree Oil.

The combination of these twelve Edens Garden oils should help to keep your family healthy for the long term! Whether used to build the immune system and ward of colds and flu, or to apply to a cut or scrape in order to promote healing quickly, this set has everything you need. Fighting headaches, tummy aches, muscle aches, and repelling insects.

Actual Verified Users of this product have great things to say about it. In fact, over 275 customers have reviewed this First Aid Essential Oil Set and have given it 4.8 out of 5.0 stars.

One massage therapist who reviewed the product found them to be equal in quality to that of the much more expensive Young Living essential oils and loves them for diffusing into the air.

Another customer uses these essential oils to make homemade soap, slaves, cleaners, and lotions, in addition to rubbing them on the bottoms of the feet. Still another customers makes use of the oils in this kit to fight off nausea, sleeplessness, and depression that comes from being a cancer patient.

Various customers commented on the fact that these Edens Garden essential oils are just as high in quality as other oils, but are extremely affordable and enjoyable to use.

Video Review

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Edens Garden Essential Oils are an excellent buying option for those who want access to high quality oils at the most affordable prices. 100% pure and therapeutic grade, these essential oils offer health and healing options for those who want to live a more natural lifestyle—without having to spend a fortune!

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