Essential Oil Roller Bottles

essential oil roller bottlesBefore I tell you all about the benefits of essential oil roller bottles, I want to provide a little background information first. Essential oils are not really new, but you may have just recently heard about them as they have certainly gained popularity in the west over recent years. However, people all over the world have been using the strength and power of the essence of plants throughout history for natural health and healing—particularly prior to the development of pharmaceuticals. The essential oil (although not actually scientifically categorized as an oil) is the substance that is extracted from bulk amounts of powerful plants that can be used for a vast array of medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Essential oils are useful for healing when diffused into the air, inhaled, or applied topically. Blending various essential oils together can provide an even stronger benefit to the health of the body and the mind. Typically, essential oils also need to be diluted with a carrier oil in order to be safely applied topically to the skin. Mixing essential oils in the hand with a carrier oil can be messy and cause you to lose precious, expensive drops of essential oils. Introducing essential oil roller bottles!

Roller Bottles for Essential Oils

The easiest way to put all of these things together (mixing, dilution, and application) is to prepare blends ahead of time and roll them directly onto the skin with a roller bottle. This method is much less messy and makes the best use of your essential oils which are too precious to be wasted. Using a roller bottle helps to avoid the need for a dropper, and means that there is no need to get the oils on the hands but they can be applied directly to the desired area of the body.

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Glass Roller Bottles for Essential Oils

Why is it so important when using essential oils that you store them only in glass bottles? There are actually a couple of reasons why glass is far superior to plastic when considering the storage of essential oils.

Although it may seem more convenient to use plastic bottles for storage of essential oils, particularly if there is concern about breakage of the bottles, glass still ranks as the best method. The likelihood of breakage is very minimal in comparison to other risks that may be taken if essential oils are stored in plastic.

Because essential oils are strong and powerful substances, they can eat away at a plastic storage container over time. Also, even if the essential oils do not eat through the plastic and leak, the chemicals used to make the plastic bottles could actually leach into the oil and render it less useful and ineffective at best, and harmful at worst.

Glass roller bottles made for essential oils are quite durable and can be kept in various scenarios such as purses or travel bags without any need for special considerations or care simply because they are made of glass.

Amber Roll-on Bottles for Essential Oils

So now that we understand why it’s important to use glass bottles to store essential oils and essential oil blends, we find that there is another question. Why do the essential oil bottles need to be colored?

Essential Oils are an extremely powerful–and rather volatile–substance. The natural power of these essential oils comes about by extracting the vital essences from plants of various kinds. And just like any product of nature, essential oils require a certain amount of care and attention in order to keep them working at their best.

Unlike other kinds of oils (oils you might cook with, for instance) essential oils don’t have a short shelf life in which they will go bad. In fact, they can last for months or even years if stored in the correct ways and places. Citrus oils probably have the shortest shelf lives of any of the types of essential oils.

One factor that can have an impact on the effectiveness and power of essential oils is exposure to light. Natural light (sunlight) can be rather damaging to essential oils. The light can break down the power and therapeutic benefits of the essential oils over time, rendering them ineffective.

Dark glass, such as amber brown or cobalt blue, can help to protect essential oils from sunlight and preserve the efficacy of your precious oils. This is why when purchasing roller-ball bottles, it is critical to purchase those that are made of dark colored glass.

Essential Oil Roller Bottles Recipes and Blends

When using essential oils with roller bottles, you can mix up your own recipes or use those that are provided by others. When mixing in a roller bottle, first remove the ball from the top of the roller bottle by popping off. It is best to then add the appropriate number of drops of essential oils to the roller bottle base. Then, fill the rest of the roller bottle with a carrier oil.

This will depend on your personal preference. (Try a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, or Olive Oil.) Replace the roller ball on the bottle, secure the cap, and shake the bottle gently.

All About Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

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Where to Buy Roll-on Bottles for Essential Oils

Without a doubt, online shopping has become almost second nature in today’s world. Buying roller bottles for essential oils is no exception. Although if you are in a real hurry, you might be able to find glass roller bottles at local natural foods store, it’s true that best ones can be found right at your fingertips—on your computer.

In my experience with roller bottles, I suggest and prefer using dark amber glass bottles to protect my oils. Also, I’ve found that the stainless steel roller balls (as opposed to glass or plastic balls) perform better and last longer. Featured below is one of the top selling sets of roller bottles on Amazon that include these features…


Essential Oils are basically magic that is given by nature, and essential oil roller bottles are certainly one of the easiest and most convenient forms of application to get the oils onto your body and put them to work!

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