More Than A Favorite Fragrance: 10 Unique Ways to Use Rose Oil

It’s one of the most recognizable scents in the world. It conjures up images of femininity and romance, and it has been a favorite fragrance of women for centuries. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who couldn’t identify the signature scent of a rose. Not only are roses the most beautiful flowers, but they also produce the most beautiful odor. Rather than wearing a perfume by Chanel or Armani, many women opt for a few dabs of rose oil on their skin. Its smell is more prominent than any designer fragrance you can buy at a department store. While rose oil is known mostly for its classic scent, it turns out that this aromatic oil has more benefits than just the way it smells. From skincare to health benefits, rose oil has a multitude of promising uses. The following are just ten of the unique and interesting reasons you should purchase a bottle of rose essential oil:


Rose essential oil has been shown to have effective anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce inflammation in conditions like gout, arthritis and rheumatism. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, people sometimes use it to reduce fevers.


It is thought that the scent of rose oil can lift someone’s spirits and boost their self confidence. Lifted spirits and high self-esteem lead to an overall better mood. It is for this reason that rose essential oil is used in people who suffer from depression.

Skin Toner

This is a use for rose oil that is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. You’ve probably noticed numerous skin toners popping up that feature rose oil as a main ingredient. Not only does rose oil give toner a pleasant aroma, but it also holds strong toning properties. Rose essential oil can reduce redness and fade dark spots, giving you a more even and smooth complexion.

Menstruation Relief

Women know how awful periods can be. Cramping, bloating, fatigue…it’s a monthly nightmare. It turns out that few drops of rose oil can ease the symptoms and discomfort of menstruation. It has been shown to reduce fatigue and ease cramping during that time of the month.


The aroma of a rose has been associated with romance for centuries. Just the mere scent of rose oil can produce arousal, boost libido and even cure erectile problems. Couples are finding that sprinkling rose oil on their sheets or garments can effectively relieve various aspects of sexual dysfunction.

Preventing Hair Loss

As we get older, many of us struggle with thinning hair or hair loss. Rose essential oil may be a remedy for this common problem. A few drops of rose oil massaged into the scalp stimulates the blood vessels and hair follicles, leading to more hair growth.


It may not be the most glamorous thing associated with roses, but it turns out that rose oil works as an effective laxative. People take a few drops of rose oil on the tongue to relieve constipation, because it gently relaxes the intestines. Who would have thought?

Purifying the Blood

Rose essential oil is able to purify blood by removing toxins from the bloodstream. Just a few drops of rose oil daily can rid your blood of toxins that cause various issues like ulcers, rashes, cancer and heart disease. It also removes toxins that build up in the blood from free radicals.


Throughout history, rose oil has been used in treating cholera, typhoid, food poisoning and many other ailments caused by bacteria. It can rid the body of internal bacteria in the intestines, stomach and urinary tract. It can also fight external bacteria on the skin, around the eyes, and in the ear canal.

Liver Health

A very little known use for rose oil is to treat liver problems. Rose essential oil helps with issues like excess bile flow and excess acid and ulcers. It helps to repair a damaged liver and can even protect the liver from any further damage.

It turns out that all this time roses had so much more to offer than their beauty and fragrance! These are just a few of the interesting things that you can use rose essential oil for – there are endless others. So, the next time you are dabbing on some rose oil to give yourself a nice aroma, consider what other ways you can put this beneficial essential oil to good use in your life.

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