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lavender essential oil

History and Pertinent Facts about Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is always included as one of the most popular essential oils, and for good reason. This oil is one of the most versatile oils that brings about a great many health benefits as well as being a smell that is enjoyable for almost anyone.

Used for more than 2500 years beginning with Ancient Persians, Romans, and Greeks, the lavender flowers were originally added to the bath to purify and wash the skin. In fact, the Latin word for Lavender originates from the word lavare, which means “to wash”. The fragrance was also historically enjoyed as a perfume as well as being used for mummifying the dead.

Useful for the living as well, Lavender has a scent that is herbaceous, sweet, floral and with a slightly woody aroma. Enjoy it alone or blended with a variety of essential oils to round out your natural life.

Properties of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

Of many in a long list of benefits, Lavender is most well-known for its ability to help the body and mind relax while promoting sleep and a feeling of calm. Its ability to relieve stress and anxiety makes this one of the most comforting of the essential oils.

Another extremely useful benefit of Lavender Essential Oil is its ability to encourage the healing of wounds. Burns, scrapes, cuts, and even skin diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and scabies are all benefited from the use of this natural, powerful essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil is also particularly useful for those who are struggling with ailments of the respiratory tract, including cold, cough, or the flu. Lavender oil can help to ease the breathing and reduce the phlegm for clear breathing passages. It also helps the immune system defend itself against various airborne germs and viruses.

Because of its ability to heal the skin, Lavender Essential Oil is highly effective for acne. Not only does it promoting healing and reduce scarring, but it keeps the bacteria in acne from growing, minimizing the infection and balancing the amount of sebum secreted.

As a pain reliever, Lavender Essential Oil is useful in alleviating headaches, muscle aches and pains, earaches, menstrual cramps, sunburn pain, as well as a variety of other pains and maladies.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Often used to promote sleep, Lavender Essential Oil can be diffused into the air with a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom to allow for relaxation of the mind and body. Just add a few drops to the water in your diffuser, following manufacturer instructions. Or, if you don’t have a diffuser, then a short inhalation just prior to falling asleep may get the power of lavender into the bloodstream quickly as well, promoting sleep and fighting against insomnia. Works well when blended with Chamomile Essential Oil also.

For the promotion of relaxation of tired, achy muscles, place a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil in a warm bath with a few Epsom salts. Stir the water and then enjoy your bath. Helps relax tired bodies as well as promoting the body’s ability to heal itself.

Try massing injured muscles with a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil added to a carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil.

For cuts, scrapes, or burns, add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil neat (undiluted) to the affected area to help with the healing process. You’ll keep wounds clear of infection and see them heal quickly with less propensity for scarring.

Apply directly to the temples, neat, to cure a headache. This may be particularly useful for migraine headaches, and may be even more effective when blended with Peppermint Essential Oil. Just one drop should be enough, though, because too much Lavender can actually cause a headache and other negative symptoms. If you find it to be too strong when used neat, try diluting with a carrier oil and then applying to the skin.

The scent of lavender may be soothing to the stomach, particularly in relationship to nausea. For those who feel carsick or motion sick, keep a small inhaler with Lavender Essential Oil in your purse or pocket and inhale in each nostril every hour or so. Or to keep the whole car smelling fresh, use a small spritzer with a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil mixed with water to fight off motion sickness as well as unseemly odors.

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Precautions of Lavender Essential Oil

This oil is fairly mild with very few precautions. It can even be used “neat” in small doses. However, too much Lavender can cause side effects such as headache, vomiting, and nausea, so be sure to use in very small doses at first to be sure that there are no negative reactions. Keep away from the mucous membranes and eyes.

Lavender Essential Oil is Commonly Blended With

What Amazon Reviewers Think about Lavender Essential Oil

Customers on Amazon who have used Avo Essentials 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil are quite pleased for the most part. It is sourced from Bulgarian Lavender and recommended for use with a massage oil, in hand soaps, for sleeping, and for headache relief. Users say that this oil is quite strong and powerful, so it only takes a small amount to have a great impact.


Those using Essentially KateS Lavender Essential Oil give it great reviews, saying that they are “addicted” to its scent, that it is highly fragrant, and that it works well when used alone or when blended with other essential oils. Users of this oil recommend that it can be used as a foot soak for tired feet, as a reliever of irritating skin conditions, for muscles injuries or sprains, and to kill bacteria.


Lavender Essential Oil is one of the first oils that you should add to your essential oil collection—and you need to make sure that you never run out. Gentle enough for babies but powerful enough to fight a great many ailments, Lavender will be your go-to essential oil for almost anything. Once you get started using it, you probably won’t be caught without it!


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