Little-Known Oils: 8 Beneficial Uses For Vetiver Essential Oil

Essential oils are nature’s cure-all. They have been shown to effectively treat many ailments, from the common cold to severe anxiety. There are some essential oils that are very well-known and frequently used for medicinal purposes, like lavender oil and peppermint oil. While these are great oils with many benefits, there are over 100 essential oils in total! What are some of the lesser-known oils capable of? One rare essential oil is vetiver essential oil. While it may not be talked about frequently, it has numerous great uses. Check out eight of those uses below:

1. Reduces Inflammation

Vetiver oil has natural cooling and calming properties, which makes it great for reducing inflammation. It has been shown to effectively reduce inflammation in the circulatory and nervous system, as well as reducing inflammation from sunburn.

2. Prevents Bacterial Infection

In countries like India, vetiver oil is often used to stop the growth and spread of bacterial infections. The anti-bacterial properties in vetiver actually stop the growth of bacteria like staphylococcus.

Vetiver oil

3. Acts As a Tonic

Vetiver essential oil acts as an effective tonic by rejuvenating the body, keeping the metabolic system in order, and boosting the immune system. It also tones the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous system.

4. Relieves Insomnia

Vetiver essential oil has natural sedative properties, which makes it great for relieving insomnia. It calms the body down, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Vetiver oil

5. Speeds-Up Healing

Vetiver oil helps to speed up the healing of wounds by promoting new tissue growth and inhibiting the growth of bacteria microbes. It also promotes the accumulation of leucocytes and platelets in the location of the wound.

6. Prevents Nervous Disorder

A popular use for vetiver oil is as a nervine. A nervine is a substance that can repair damage that has been done to the nerves, either by stress or illness. It also helps calm nervous system issues like seizures.

Vetiver oil

7. Enhances Libido

If you are suffering with sexual dysfunction, you may want to use vetiver essential oil. Vetiver is known to enhance libido and stimulate arousal in the brain. It stimulates the portion of the brain that responds to sexual impulses, which can alleviate things like erectile dysfunction and poor libido.

8. Eliminates Scars

Vetiver oil can be used to reduce or altogether eliminate the appearance of stubborn scars. Cicatrisant agents in the oil help to fade the appearance of scars as well as stimulate the growth of new skin cells. For this reason, it often used to eliminate stretch marks after pregnancy.

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