Peony Essential Oil – Fragrance Oil

peony essential oilPeonies are an absolutely exquisite flower that are delicate with a unique and romantic scent. I just love the spring when all of these lush, flowers are in bloom and spreading their powdery fragrance about the garden! Whether pink, red, coral, fuchsia, lavender, or any other of their incredibly spring-like colors, peonies are a sight to behold and a treat for the senses.

Traditionally, the story goes that the flower was named after Paeonia, a wood nymph who was transformed into a flower of a thousand petals—the Peony. This lovely flower has a rich scent that is quite beloved among women and, as such, has been used in fragrances such as perfumes and eau de toilettes for years. It is also enjoyed when used to scent home fragrance products such as candles, room sprays, potpourri, and reed diffusers.

About Peony Essential Oil / Fragrance Oil

Because peonies cannot actually be made into peony essential oil, they do not have a real therapeutic benefit when the oils are extracted from the plant. Essential oils must be extracted from the plant through a distillation process, typically with steam or cold pressing. The process must render an oil that is 100% pure, without any chemical or unnatural residue.

Peony oil, however, is extracted from the plant by using a chemical extraction process. Peony fragrance oil may be mixed with other synthetics to create a stronger oil, which may come off as extremely sweet and almost overpowering, even, if not properly balanced.

Benefits of Peony Essential Oil/Fragrance Oil

Just because we know that Peony Oil is not meant for therapeutic purposes, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to make use of it in a way that is enjoyable to the senses. And, of course, the more natural the Peony Fragrance Oil you obtain, the better it is going to be for your body, your home, and your family.

For fragrance and perfumery purposes, Peony Oil has a middle note that comes out not immediately after the first smell, but after just a few minutes of time. Keep this in mind when blending with other fragrance oils so that you can find a balance with top, middle, and base notes.

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Uses of Peony Essential Oil/Fragrance Oil

Try using a couple of drops of Peony Fragrance Oil in your unscented lotion to add a floral, powdery scent to an otherwise dull dry skin remedy.

Use Peony Oil to fragrance your soy or paraffin wax candle base prior to pouring and adding the wick. You’ll get hours and hours of peony goodness spread throughout your home or to give as a gift to a special woman in your life.

Peony Essential Oil/Fragrance Oil Blends Well With


Peony Essential Oil, while not a true essential oil, is a lovely addition to any fragrance collection for a warm, inviting home. Use for scenting body care products, perfumes, candles, diffusers, and room sprays. You might find that you absolutely love it, like I do!

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