The Best Essential Oil for Back Pain

best essential oil for back painTypically caused by a combination of aches, inflammation or muscles spasms, back pain is a significant problem among Americans that may range anywhere from a small amount of difficulty to complete debilitation. In fact, 80% of people have experienced back pain at some time in their lives or another.

Whether the cause of back pain is the result of poor posture, injury, obesity, nerve issues, PMS symptoms, fibromyalgia, slipped discs, kidney problems, scoliosis, or other health related issues, back pain can lead to other problems included residual pains, lost work, and even disability.

While over the counter drugs, such as acetaminophen and naproxen, are often used to treat pain and inflammation related to back pain, the can be adverse side effects from the long-term use of these treatments including upset stomach, liver damage, and even intestinal bleeding. Many people are looking for natural forms of health and healing for their backs which are less likely to produce side effects.

The good news about back pain is that some kinds of it can be prevented in the first place (through a healthy diet and regular exercise) while other kinds may be cured naturally through the use of the best essential oil for back pain. Essential Oils are natural substances extracted purely from plants, which are concentrated and powerful for treating a variety of health concerns therapeutically and completely naturally, including various types of pain, swelling, and spasms.

Essential Oils for back pain offer a variety of therapeutic properties and benefits which can provide health and healing to the human body in a number of ways. Whether reducing swelling, minimizing pain, relaxing muscle spasms, healing nerve pain, or even calming the tension of stress, using essential oils for back pain may be a pure and natural way for you to manage your struggles without having to pop pills.

The Very Best Essential Oil for Back Pain: Helichrysum

Helichrysum Essential Oil offers a trifecta of powerful properties (analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic) which address the three major problems of back problems (pain, swelling, and spasms), ranking it as the top natural essential oil remedy for back pain.

Many users report that the pain relief offered by this oil is effective almost instantly—within minutes of its topical application. Although high quality, pure versions of this essential oil often come in as one of the more expensive essential oils, it takes very small amounts to provide relief making it worth every cent.

Runner Up—Best Essential Oil for Back Pain: Wintergreen

Wintergreen Essential Oil is a favorite when it comes to healing all kinds of pain, including back pain, and should definitely receive an honorable mention. Because of its cooling, pain relieving properties, Wintergreen essential oil works quickly and effectively to soothe burning back pain, reduce nerve discomfort, and even back pain due to menstrual cramps.

Containing a similar active ingredient to aspirin (salicylate), this essential oil is a must-have to keep on hand for use not only with back pain but also for headaches, arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle pain due to injury or sports.

Wintergreen Essential Oil should be used with caution, and not on children, as it may be extremely harmful if ingested or used in large amounts.

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Other Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

One of the most effective ways to make use of essential oils for back pain is by blending them together to create synergistic power. Adding a few drops of three of these essential oils together and applying topically can combine the benefits of several different oils to create effective and efficient pain relief.

Basil—warming, soothing, eases pain in muscles, reduces joint pain, calms emotions and stress, reduces swelling

Marjoram—relaxes tight muscles, calms stressed nerves

Eucalyptus –warming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, reduces pain, relieves stiffness

Ginger –warming, reduces tightness, minimizes rheumatism and arthritis

Lavender—reduces stress, minimizes swelling, relieves pain

Peppermint—reduces swelling, relieves pain, uplifting to the spirits, cooling

Rosemary—reduces muscle spasms, relieves swelling, minimizes pain, lightens the spirit

Frankincense—anti-inflammatory, increases blood flow, relaxes and sedates

Clary Sage—anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle spasms, helpful for PMS back pain (not to be used by pregnant women)

Thyme—relieves muscle spasms

How to Use Essential Oils for Back Pain

The best way to get the power of essential oils to the place of back pain is to apply it topically, diluted in a carrier oil, directly to the place of pain. Of course, this may be rather difficult to do if your back pain is hard to reach, so you may need a partner or friend to help you apply the oils as regularly as possible.

To do so, simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil for back pain, or blend of oils for back pain, into your palm. Add a teaspoon or so of carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil, to the palm and rub together, then apply onto and around the area of back pain.

All About Carrier Oils for Essential Oils


Of course, people who are suffering from prolonged back pain should certainly place themselves under the care of a medical professional to rule out underlying causes and keep it from getting worse.

However, for those who are experiencing minor back pain from an injury, or chronic back pain that simply needs some pain relief, (or maybe you’ve made a doctor’s appointment but just can be seen yet!) these essential oil options for naturally treating back pain are definitely worth trying to gain relief.

Adding just a few–or even all–of these essential oils for back pain to your collection of essential oils can make a huge difference to your life, relieving your back pain and restoring your life.

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