Thieves Essential Oil

A commonly used blend of a few different essential oils, Thieves Essential Oil has become extremely popular because of its useful therapeutic benefits as well as its attractive and enjoyable scent. The name probably seems a bit strange—it comes from an idea developed in the Middle Ages that thieves would use a similar blend of these spices to keep themselves from getting ill when robbing homes that were ridden with the plague. Legend tells that when caught by the authorities, these thieves traded this recipe in order to keep their lives!

Even though this history and origins of the oil might be a bit sordid and macabre, it is an extremely useful oil and should absolutely be a part of any essential oil collection, no matter how large or small.

thieves essential oil

History and Pertinent Information About Thieves Essential Oil

Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus (radiata), and Rosemary all blend together to form this super-powerful immune system protector. Although the original Thieves Essential Oil blend and name comes from the Young Living company, many companies now make comparable blends. These are typically comprised of the same oils and are just as effective as the Young Living original blend although the names of the blends are usually slightly different. For instance, the doTERRA version of this oil (On Guard) is made with Orange rather than Lemon, but is still very effective and has a similar scent.

The scent of these five critical essential oils blended together creates an amazing aroma that is spicy, earthy, warm, and refreshing, with a hint of citrus fruit. Some people find that it reminds them of the scents that are often used at Christmas time or during other winter holidays.

Properties of Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves Essential Oil Benefits

With a whole host of benefits, Thieves Essential Oil is one of the most popular oil blends on the market today. Supporting the immune system and fighting off germs is one of the most significant and effective uses for this oil. The blend comprises of different oils that are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic, making it exceptionally powerful in the natural germ-killing department. This means that that this oil can be used to kill germs on surfaces and on the skin, as well as providing the body with the ability to fight off germs that may have already infected the body.

From an emotional standpoint, Thieves Essential Oil may be helpful in giving a bit of a boost to the mood and working to help relieve uncertainty or panic.

How to Use Thieves Essential Oil

Clean the air and eliminate odors by adding a few drops of Thieves Essential Oil to your cool mist humidifier or nebulizing diffuser. You’ll find the scent to be comforting and warming while the knowledge that you are cleaning your air will make you feel great about your home and your family’s health.

With super-duper germ-fighting capabilities, Thieves Essential Oil is excellent when added to a foaming hand wash container to keep those viruses and bacteria from spreading all over the house.

For an immune system boost during cold and flu season, try adding a few drops of Thieves Essential Oil to a carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of the feet at morning. Allow to absorb and then put on socks. Your body will be protected by this amazing boost to your immune system keeping you healthy and warding off germs. For additional immune system support, apply under the arms to allow the lymphatic system to detoxify itself. Great for small children as well!

To create one of the best natural household cleaning solutions available, Thieves Essential Oil can be added to white vinegar and water in a spritz bottle and mixed. Spray on kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, or any other place that might contain germs. Wipe with a clean towel.

Also effective as a cleaner, add Thieves Essential Oil to baking soda and mix into a thick paste in order to create a deep cleaning scrub. This is particularly effective when used to scrub stainless steel sinks that may contain germs or lingering kitchen odors. For an even stronger boost, add a few drops of white vinegar. Wipe clean after scrubbing.

Useful not only for fighting off germs and boosting the immune system, Thieves Essential Oil is also effective for creating ease in breathing for congested respiratory tracts as well as for clearing up stuffy noses and even reducing headaches caused by colds or flu. Diffuse in the air using a cool mist humidifier to help add moisture to the air during cold and flu season. For quick results, place a drop into the palms of the hands and rub, then inhale quickly.

Create a relaxing and soothing bath soak by adding a few drops of Thieves Essential Oil and a cup of Epsom salts to a warm bath.

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers

Thieves Essential Oil Recipes

If you don’t want to purchase a pre-blended version of Thieves Essential Oil, try making it at home with essential oils that you likely already have in your collection:

Thieves Oil Recipe #1

20 drops Clove Essential Oil
17 drops Lemon Essential Oil
10 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
8 drops Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil
5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Blend oils together gently and store in a dark amber or blue glass bottle.

Thieves Oil Recipe #2

Here’s another copycat recipe (if you prefer to measure in spoons rather than drops!) that allows you to make your own version of Thieves Essential Oil at home:

1 teaspoon Clove Essential Oil
¾ teaspoon Lemon Essential Oil
½ teaspoon Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
¼ teaspoon (or slightly more) Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil
¼ teaspoon Rosemary Essential Oil

Thieves Essential Oil is Commonly Blended With

Precautions for Thieves Essential Oil

As with any strong and powerful essential oils, it is important use this blend with care and caution. Always dilute prior to topical application. May cause skin sensitivity so a patch test prior to full use is advised. Consult a medical professional if pregnant or under the care of a physician.

What Amazon Reviewers Have to Say About Thieves Essential Oil

Finding out what other people think about a product is especially helpful in making sure that you are making an educated purchasing decision. Here’s what Amazon Reviewers think about these brands of Thieves Essential Oil:

thieves essential oil young livingYoung Living Thieves Essential Oil. The first and original proprietary blend of Thieves Essential Oil, this Young Living oil has earned 4.6 out of 5.0 stars from more than 1100 Amazon customer reviews. One reviewer notes that Thieves Essential Oil is “awesome” when used to fight against H1N1 and other viruses. A different verified purchaser notes that the scent is fabulous while another mentions that this oil makes the entire house smell great and uses it on the bottoms of the feet when feeling under the weather.

Edens Garden Fighting Five Synergy Blend Essential Oil. Running at about half the price for twice as much, this comparison to Thieves Essential Oil is absolutely worth taking a look at! In fact, most people who have used it absolutely love it, ranking it with 4.7 out of 5.0 stars with more than 400 Amazon customer reviews. One person who used to be a distributor for another company and absolutely loves this product by Edens Garden, noting that it is the same strength and a much better value because the cost is so much less. This verified purchaser uses this oil to help with MRSA. Another user applies this blend to the bottoms of the feet and at pressure points in order to ward off illnesses.

doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil Protective Blend. Another favorite by doTERRA, this essential oil blend is comparable to Thieves. The biggest difference is that this oil uses Orange Essential Oil rather than Lemon. This product has earned 4.7 out of 5.0 stars by over 600 Amazon Reviewers. One verified purchaser mentions that this oil is a “lifesaver” for the family by helping to fight off colds and build the immune system.


One of the most effective and popular essential oils on the market today, Thieves works well to build up the immune system and fight off the spread of germs related to colds, flu, or other illnesses. Whether you make your own blend of Thieves Essential Oil or you purchase one of the above version, adding this essential oil to your collection is one of the most natural and healthiest things you are likely to do for yourself, your family, and your household!

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