Where To Get Essential Oils

where to get essential oilsIf you’ve heard of how essential oils can change your life, or even borrowed some from a friend, then you’re probably ready to look into buying some essential oils of your own. Whether you’re just getting started with living a natural lifestyle, or you simply need to boost your oils supply closet, learning where to get essential oils is certainly information you need to know!

Although essential oils are now easier to find than they use to be since they are gaining in popularity, they are still a bit of a specialty item so you may have to go little out of your way.

Here are a few places you can buy essential oils:

Local Natural Foods Stores

If you want to be able to drive somewhere in your town to get essential oils today, start by checking our your locally owned health food store to find a limited offering of essential oils. The amount of selection you find will depend on the owner and how much they know of/buy into essential oils. The benefit of shopping at a locally owned and operated store is that you, as a local customer, may have some influence on the owner by making special requests for essential oils. Check your local health food store, find out what they have, and then don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the owner or manager if you find their selection is lacking.

Healthy Grocery Chain Stores

Healthy grocery stores such Whole Foods, Lucky’s, and Sprouts in your town may stock certain essential oils. The brands and oil offerings will be limited, but you’ll usually find the mainstream brands such as Aura Cacia or NOW Foods. This works in a pinch but likely is not the most efficient or affordable way of getting essential oils. Other stores such as Vitamin Shoppe and GNC may stock essential oils as well. But be sure to give them a call to ask about their selection before you drive out of your way to get there.

Natural Medicine Practitioner

Aroma-therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and various other practitioners of alternative medicine may be able to supply you with the essential oils that they use and recommend. It’s possible that you’ll pay more here, depending on the brand offered, but your practitioner may also get a discount from which they can pass savings onto you. If your practitioner does not offer essential oils for sale, don’t be afraid to let them know that you would appreciate this as a part of your holistic health plan.

Online Stores and Websites

Really, the internet is the ultimate answer for the question of where to get essential oils. The only drawback is that you don’t have the opportunity to sample them first. And you may have to wait a couple of days for shipping before you receive your oils. But you will certainly get the most varied selection of brands and distinct oils that can be found anywhere in the world.

You can shop on the company owned websites if you prefer, but an even better way to compare and to find the best essential oils at the best prices is to go to a site such as Amazon. More brands and more selection are available this way, and you also have more opportunities to get free shipping with Prime or other types of shipping options. Obviously, having your essential oils shipped directly to your home is just another convenient part of shopping online, saving you time and money.

The Best Essential Oils

Multi-Level Marketing

It is possible to purchase essential oils through MLM (multi-level marketing) suppliers. These are basically the types of representatives who throw home parties and make orders for you. Some of them will also deliver to your home, depending on your particular location and the person you are dealing with. You can often find these essential oil representatives, such as Young Living or doTerra, through friends in your area, and you may be able to search the company website to find a representative in your area.

One great benefit is that your representative may allow you to try/smell the essential oils prior to buying, which helps if you don’t know if you will like a certain oil. The quality of the oils from these companies is high to go along with their extremely high prices, but the quality is not necessarily higher than other companies who do not use MLM systems. So it’s really up to you if you enjoy this process of purchasing oils. Some MLM companies make it easy and cost effective for you to sign up as a representative, however, because of the cost of paying the people in the pyramid, it’s still likely to be more expensive than the brands you can purchase online.


Knowing where to get essential oils is the first step toward beginning a life that is healthier, happier, and more natural. You can use essential oils by applying them to the body, dispersing them into the air with a diffuser, or making your own natural cleaning products for use in your home. Whether you use essential oils for physical ailments, mental health, or cleaning your home, you’ll find that they are extremely powerful and effective helpers in this busy, messy world. And you’ll wonder what you ever did without them!

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