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Here at WebEssentialOils.com – we strive to be the best and most comprehensive resource on the internet when it comes to essential oils, diffusers and everything that essential oils can be used for. We provide extensive information and product reviews and we hope to be your #1 source for anything and everything related to the wonderful world of essential oils.

FREE Essential Oils Guide

Essential Oils 105 - UnabridgedOne of the things that we are most proud of is the essential oils guide that we put together. Our main content writer, Marcy, spent several weeks researching and writing out the content for this guide. It features 105 of the most popular and most commonly used essential oils. For each and every oil – we provide:

  • a brief overall description of the oil
  • properties of the oil
  • benefits and common uses for that oil
  • risks and safety precautions for that specific oil
  • list of other oils commonly blended with that oil
FREE Guide to 105 Popular Essential Oils

The Voice and Face of the Website

Meet Marcy!


Hi! I’m Marcy. I aim to live my life as naturally as possible through eating organic food and using natural products for my home and my family. I’m kind of a no-nonsense person who likes to look good and feel healthy.

A while back I was introduced to the world of essential oils through a friend and I started wondering what the hype was all about. When I started looking for online resources for essential oils, I found some good information – but not one single site ever had all of the information I was looking for. I always had to search through multiple sites to find all of the resources that I wanted.

So after doing a great deal of research, I decided to start my own blog! Welcome to Web Essential Oils: the place that offers everything you’ll ever need to know about essential oils, their uses and relevant or related products.

Please note: I am not a trained medical professional. I’m just a girl with a blog who happens to be obsessed with essential oils and everything that they offer. There are many pages on my site that offer and suggest remedies and essential oil recipes for certain medical and other conditions. Please read our Medical Disclaimer regarding these. Although I am not formally trained to offer this advice – I did do my research diligently – and almost all of my advice stems from information provided by people who were trained formally and professionally.

How We Make Money with this Website

amazon-for-about-pages-150x150This particular website is financially backed primarily through the Amazon Associates affiliate program. Many of the links on this site lead to Amazon products. When somebody buys one of those products after clicking through via one of our links, our team receives a commission based on a small percentage of the purchase price. The buyer does not pay any extra! The prices reflected via this site are the exact same prices that you will find if you go directly through Amazon.

We really appreciate you if you do decide to buy a product via our site because that is what helps keep us going!  We thank you in advance and wish you the very best.