Affordable Essential Oils

affordable essential oilsYou want to make use of essential oils for your health, moving to a more natural way of taking care of your home and family. But some of the essential oils that you learn about and buy from independent consultants may be extremely expensive. Building a collection of your favorite essential oils in order to make the recipes you can may be difficult unless you can find affordable essential oils.

We all want the most effective essential oils, and we don’t want to waste money on essential oils that are not going to work well. Being discerning about which oils to buy and which ones to avoid is useful. Some of the most effectual and pure essential oils you can find on the market today do not have to be the most expensive. I have found that there are certain brands that I like more than others, but friends may prefer different brands. Typically you can’t really know what you like best until you try some of them out.

What To Look For On Essential Oil Labels

With all of the brands telling you that they are the best, which one will you believe? Surely the brands of essential oils that claim to be “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, or “Therapeutic Quality” must be better than others. But because there is no governing body in the United States or otherwise that oversees or certifies essential oils, it is impossible to say that essential oils are “certified”.  Essential Oil companies that claim their brands are certified are simply using a trademark or catchphrase.

So really, the only true claim of essential oils is that they can be “100% pure”. This means that they are not mixed with other oils such as jojoba oil or almond oil, creating a blend or a diluted version of the oil you are actually trying to buy. Although you may choose to dilute your essential oils, you should always aim to buy oils that are pure and then dilute them yourself if you choose to. Do make sure that you are not purchasing oils labeled as Perfume Grade. This means that they are only actually used for the scent and probably will not have any therapeutic value at all.

What To Look For In Affordable Essential Oils

Getting a good quality product for the best price can be a challenge. In general, companies using Multi-Level Marketing plans, such as Young Living or doTerra, are not likely to offer the best prices. This is because of the amount of money that is spent on paying for the variety of people in the marketing scheme. There are discounts available for those who want to be involved in the business, but otherwise this is likely not the best way to find affordable essential oils.

Other brands that can be found online are often sourced through smaller farms, providing pure oils but are not as well-known because they do not have supplies from larger farms or extensive marketing budgets. This does not necessarily make them lower quality or less pure. Here is a list of some of the most affordable essential oil brands that I like and can be found easily on Amazon:

Aura Cacia provides affordable essential oils through sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. The company sells its oils through its own website as well as Amazon and in some stores such as Whole Foods.  The company also supplies other types of natural bath and body products, including carrier oils for dilution and topical application blends.

Eden’s Garden is an exceptional brand of essential oils that is still run by the original owner. Sourced from farms all over the world, Eden’s Garden has a commitment to its customers and the oils come with an unconditional guarantee. The company guarantees freshness by rotating its stock every two weeks in order to provide the freshest and finest products. In addition, the company gives 10% of its profits to charity and can be found at their own website as well as Amazon.

Healing Solutions provides high quality essential oils which are affordable and sourced through a smaller company. A lifetime refund guarantee is offered if there is ever any dissatisfaction with products. Products are readily available on Amazon as well as on the company’s website.

Heritage Store offers essential oils with quality assurance and uses organic ingredients which are certified to be pesticide free and ethically farmed. The company, run by a natural living mom of eight, offers acceptable customer service but there are no returns unless the product is defection. Heritage store products are available through the company’s website or on Amazon at affordable prices.

NOW Foods is a supplier of essential oils as well as nutritional supplements and personal care items so the company does not just focus on essential oils (ergo, the name, NOW Foods). The company fairly labels its essential oils as 100% pure if they are, or labeled as blends if they are combined with other oil bases. Also a company that gives back to the community, Now Foods has a list of charitable organizations which they support.

Plant Therapy has two certified aromatherapists on their team and is very committed to customer service. The company promotes safety as well as environmental care, with fair prices for high quality oils. These oils can be found on Amazon and often are including in Prime Shipping to save money.


All of these affordable essential oils from companies offer high quality, natural products at a much lower price than you are likely to find through some of the more popular home-party companies. Some people prefer to find a favorite company and stick with it, while others would rather buy what is least expensive at any given moment. Whatever your preference, check out the affordable essential oils and other natural products from these companies that I like, find them on Amazon to get discounts on shipping, and then you be the judge of what you like best!

The Best Essential Oils

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