Quooz Rockano Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Product Name:Quooz Rockano Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier
Run Time:5 to 10 hours
Capacity:200 ml
Color:Cobalt Blue, Toffee, or Peach
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Extremely stylish and beautifully functional, this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser by Quooz moisturizes the air while providing a safe way to release essential oils into the room. Two different settings allow the user to control the flow of the mist (lasts either 5 or 10 hours respectively), and the LED may be adjusted to change the brightness or turned off altogether. The two separate buttons for mist and light allow the two functions of the unit to be controlled completely separately, which is great when the unit is being used at night or in a nursery while the baby is sleeping.

Because it operates so quietly, the Quooz Rockano Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is perfect when used on the nightstand or bedside table to create a soothing, restful atmosphere, particularly when paired with Lavender, Chamomile, or other relaxing essential oils. And the one year manufacturer’s warranty means that you can feel comfortable with the expected performance of this device. Although it may be slight more expensive than some other diffusers, the quality and the fact that the coverage is more makes the slightly higher cost completely worth it.

The Quooz Rockano Diffuser has earned 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon from almost 300 customer reviews.

Features and Benefits of Quooz Rockano Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 6 inches wide at the base and 8.9 inches tall.
  • One and a half pounds shipping weight makes this easily transportable.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Ultrasonic technology for super quiet sounds to help with rest and sleeping.
  • Adjustable LED light can be turned off or set to breathing mode.
  • Automatic shutoff when water gets low for safety and convenience.
  • AC power adapter included.
  • Made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Bottom of the unit is white while the top has a stylish glass-like look.
  • Choose from Cobalt Blue, Toffee, or Peach options for the top cover.
  • Large 200ml capacity makes this unit last between 5 and 10 hours.
  • Two adjustable misting settings for stronger or lighter scent.
  • Easy to fill with water and easy to clean.

Quooz Rockano Diffuser Real Product Reviews

When you are thinking of making a purchase, what you really want to know is what other people who own the product have experienced.

Here’s some feedback from actual Amazon users who have reviewed the Quooz Rockano Diffuser:

One reviewer states that this is best essential oil diffuser she has ever had, mentioning that its size makes it perfect to reach all corners of the large living room and she likes that it can last up to 10 hours on the lowest setting without running out of water. She refers to this diffuser as “perfect”,

Another verified purchaser has been using the Quooz Lull diffuser and now owns the Rockano model. She enjoys both of them very much and likes that the continuous mist mode can last for up to ten hours. In addition, this user appreciates the fact that the mist and the light have separate buttons meaning they can be controlled separately even when the room is completely dark. Plus, she very much likes the modern style of the Rockano.

One other verified purchaser, who has found herself “obsessed” with essential oils bought the Quooz Rockano because she needed a larger model to avoid refilling quite as often. She likes that this model is very pretty and looks like a piece of art in her home. This model is very effective, works great, does not leak, and offers a nice, heavy steam while functioning very quietly. She also mentions that the top is solidly made and the water hold is larger, able to run for 8 hours even when on the heavy stream option—perfect for a good night’s rest.

A different reviewer mentions that he has barely shut off his Quooz Rockano Diffuser since receiving it. He uses it with various essential oils and finds that it not only makes the house smell good but it helps to relieve the static shocks that are caused by dry air. It is very helpful when used in the bedroom at night to fight against congestion. This user likes it so much that he plans to purchase another one so he doesn’t have to keep moving it from the living room during the day to the bedroom at night!

One verified user enjoys the Quooz Rockano because of the way it was able to fill the room with mist and the scent of the essential oils. Although she debated between this style and the teardrop shape by the same company, she ultimately ended up with this one in the toffee color and is very pleased that she did.

Another Amazon Customer who is a verified purchaser mentions that she bought this for her granddaughter and it was the perfect gift for her new apartment. It is used every evening after a stressful day at work. She loves the function, the color, and everything else about it.

A different verified purchaser has found that the Quooz is not only beautiful but is also easy to use, as refilling is a clean and fast process. She appreciates the transparent, geometric style of the plastic cover and how the colors change from brown to gray to purple and pink, fading in and out. This reviewer uses her diffuser during the winter season to help clear the sinuses and appreciates the fact that the mist is cool rather than hot because it doesn’t heat up the room at all.


Video Credit: Apki Nut via YouTube – click here to view directly on YouTube

Bottom Line

Most users seem to absolutely love the Quooz Rockano Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for its function as well as for the way it looks. One of the best features is the large water tank capacity which makes it last much longer without having to be re-filled. Two-mist settings, different light and mist control buttons, and options for peach, toffee, or cobalt blue make this diffuser one that is functional for everyone and shouldn’t be missed!

Images and Reviews from Real Products Users courtesy of Amazon.com


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