How To Store Essential Oils

how to store essential oilsEssential Oils are made from the “essence” of plants by extracting the oils from the leaves, stems, petals, twigs, and other parts of the plant. Because they are so concentrated and often require large amounts of the plant material to make a small amount of oil, some essential oils may be expensive. Of course they are worth it because it takes so little for them to be effective.

Essential oils can last for a very long time, they must be stored in the right way in order to gain the maximum amount of effectiveness. Learning how to store essential oils is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of all of your essential oils.

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how to store essential oils rightly

Essential Oil Storage Factors

Certain factors can affect your essential oils—for better or worse! So make sure that you keep your collection of essential oils in the best possible place by following the guidelines here.

Types of Containers for Essential Oil Storage

Storing essential oils in the right place is critical for making sure that your oils have the best chance for long-term efficacy.  Essential Oils should never be stored in plastic because the oils could actually begin to degrade the plastic container as well as spoiling the quality of the oils.  So be sure to always store your oils in glass, particularly dark glass.

As mentioned above, light can spoil the efficacy of essential oils so always choose a dark brown, dark blue, or other dark colored glass container for your essential oil blends.  Also be sure that your containers are airtight in order to avoid oxidation.

In the summertime, you may want to think about storing your carrier oils in the refrigerator. You’ll probably want to keep a small amount out for immediate use as otherwise you’ll need to wait for about 12 hours until you take it out of the refrigerator before you use it.

Essential Oil Storage Box

As you begin to build up your essential oil collection, you’ll find that you need a place to store your growing inventory. Although you can fashion your own, or re-use a tackle box or other bin, you may also want to avoid the trouble and purchase a ready-made essential oil storage box or shelf that will keep your glass jars from breaking.

Some boxes are created for certain brands of essential oils, but others are made to hold any bottle between 5ml and 15ml, such as this one:


And for the avid collector, this three shelf display rack is perfect for keeping up to 144 bottles organized.


No matter what you use your essential oils for, be sure to buy high quality essential oils and store them properly so that you can use them to their greatest effectiveness. So build your collection of essential oils with confidence as you become a happier, healthier, and more natural you!

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